Top 10 best memes of 2020

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How`s going bros? As you’ve probably seen in the title, I`m gonna present to you a top of the most popular memes and vines from the beginning of 2020`s till now. So, let’s begin;)


Memes have become an art in our daily life by bringing us lots of feelings and moods, such as happiness and amusement. They have been quite a pleasant way to spend time during this dark period of time… and so they`ll be in future, fueling our enthusiasm and humor.

Enough with the boring intro, let’s see some MEMES!

TOP 10 memes of 2020:


10. “Change my mind Top 10 best memes of 2020

Thanks to Steve Crowder and his popular “Change my mind” sign, lots of people became making tweets and memes from his original post. Even though it’s a bit old, there are still plenty of them in the social media, that keeps people like me laugh all the time (yeah, feelin’ old..).


  1. COVID-19Top 10 best memes of 2020

From the apparition of the virus in China, lots of vines, memes and funny posts appeared on social media. I honestly like these memes and I still watch them with pleasure, even though they are based on this complicated pandemic.


  1. “Dancing Joker”Top 10 best memes of 2020

The memes with Joker dancing on the stairs are based on a scene from the recent “Joker” movie, which is by the way a very well realized film in my opinion. The caption of Joker is actually pretty good and I love the memes with it.


  1. “Care React”Top 10 best memes of 2020

Yeah, I was staying peacefully in quarantine, when I saw lots of posts on Facebook with people that got a new react with an emoji holding a heart. Based on this react, people made fun of it and transformed the heart in other things, such as a beer, a baguette. These funny posts made me laugh all the time I watched them…


  1. World War 3Top 10 best memes of 2020

These memes were based on news of the president Donald Trump, who ordered the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. As the news spread, the vines became more and more popular and appreciated by people, as I also believe they are genius.


  1. “Evil Patrick”Top 10 best memes of 2020

I can`t forget the face of Patrick, which captured the secret pleasure you feel when you have done something wrong. For me, this is and will be an epic caption of the dark side of Patrick…(creepy sounds)


  1. Baby YodaTop 10 best memes of 2020

Probably the cutest vine of all time I guess, here comes Master Yoda, well not actually him, but a baby version of him. Every time I see him, I keep saying “AWW, HE`S SO CUTEE” and I almost forget about his knowledge and power…


  1. “Keanu Reeves”Top 10 best memes of 2020

YEAH, THE BABA YAGA! Anyways, you have probably heard about Keanu Reeves. He became very popular because of his movies, but mostly because of the memes with him. For example, the part from Cyberpunk trailer when he shows at the end looking so bad ass or at the launch of the game, when he says “You`re breathtaking!”, clearly one of the most epic moments with him.


  1. “Area 51 raid”Top 10 best memes of 2020

I wonder what I`ll find when raid Area 51 with the boys…  Yep, the Area 51 memes became insane, as the apparition of a post with “Area 51 raid meet” on Facebook. I find these vines so funny and enjoyable and maybe, one day I`ll be the one who finds out what is in Area 51, or at least I hope so:)


  1. “Coffin dance”Top 10 best memes of 2020

The video that makes me dance every time, everywhere… Ladies and gentlemen, the “Coffin Dance” meme! This became one of the most appreciated in the history of memes by every person who saw it! As I said at the beginning, this video puts me in a very good mood and I wish those dancers to be at my funeral…

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