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In the “Confessions” category you get the chance to hear our writers recount their tales, whether good or bad.

Being young isn’t all fun and games. It’s that period in your life when you make mistakes, face challenges, and discover new perspectives. Our mission at POV21 magazine is to give a voice to the younger generation. It’s high time we made our experiences heard!

Come and read what our talented writers have to share about their confessions. Even if not all stories in life have a happy ending, you have a lot to learn from them. Who knows, you might be going through the same things right now.


13 reasons why you should love life

Everybody has their reasons to love their life. Those are my 13 reasons why I absolutely love life, and I hope they will inspire you too.
3 Wholesome horror shows on Netflix for scaredy cats

3 Wholesome horror shows on Netflix for scaredy cats

Horror shows are always a challenge for people who tend to get scared petty easily. Here are 3 amazing ones even a coward like me can watch.

I got the COVID-19 vaccine and lived to tell the tale

To get the COVID-19 vaccine or not to get it - that seems to be the question that still plagues society. I want to share my experience with the COVID-19 vaccine, hoping to shed a bit of light on the process and maybe encourage those who still hesitate on getting it too.

2 pages of insane thoughts from my journal

My thoughts are usually chaotic and my mind is a beautiful but messed up place, and journaling helps me a lot. Read now two of my journal entries.
Horror movies: how they helped with my anxiety

Horror movies: how they helped with my anxiety

Watching horror movies is the perfect way to spend your Saturday night, according to many people. But they can also help you with your anxiety.
nocturnal lifestyle

Nocturnal lifestyle: how to lead it in 5 easy steps

The nocturnal lifestyle has its perks and downsides. If you also feel energized during nighttime, you might be a night owl too. Read more about it here!
small town

Life in a small town: from boredom to murder

Far from being an idyllic retreat, living in a small town is often dull, but sometimes shocking. Which makes more victims: indifference or the Coronavirus?
Confessions of a silly gamer - Vampyr

Confessions of a silly gamer – Episode 2

After my previously bittersweet experience as a gamer I turned to an easier action RPG - Vampyr - that actually proved to be a quite thrilling experience.
The purpose of not having a purpose

The ultimate purpose of not having a purpose

'What is your purpose, your ultimate goal?' Many got the answer to that and stood by it firmly but what to do when you don`t know exactly?

How rebelling against social standards of femininity turned into a self-destructive...

What was initially just a teenage rebellion against social standards of femininity turned out to be an absurd reluctance to take care of myself.

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Picasso and 3 of his famous paintings

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