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Since ancient times, people have been striving to reach society’s standards of beauty. But in the 21st century, more than ever, beauty is about showing off your individual traits as well as expressing yourself creatively.

If you are an artist and makeup is your medium, we have you covered. Whether you’re looking for something affordable, high end products or the best techniques, we have the perfect article for you.

We encourage you to enhance your natural beauty as well. That’s why we present you the best ways to take care of your body. Be it a DIY mask or an awesome personal care product, our writers know the best tricks.

https://www.pov21.com/affordable-christmas-gifts-makeup-skincare/ ‎

6 affordable Christmas gift ideas for makeup and skincare lovers

Although Christmas is still a few weeks away, over the past few years I realized that it’s a good idea to start buying gifts...
https://www.pov21.com/affordable-sephora-face-masks-for-oily-skin/ ‎

Face masks for oily skin – 4 amazing, affordable options you...

As skincare routines have become a lot more popular over the last couple of year, so have face masks.
hair porosity

Hair porosity: why is it important to consider it?

Hair porosity is one of the most important criteria that characterizes hair. It is strictly correlated with the structure of the hair and with the spaces formed at the level of the hair cuticle layer.
https://www.pov21.com/3-high-end-makeup-brands-worth-the-splurge/ ‎

3 high-end makeup brands that are actually worth the splurge

Over the last few years, as beauty gurus and influencers have seen an increase in popularity, more and more makeup brands have started to emerge.

Perfume – Discover 6 Promising Tips to Make It Persist

How do you make your perfume persist throughout the day? Read these 6 amazing tips to find out!

3 great, affordable skincare brands you can find at Sephora

In the last couple of years, skincare has begun to become a lot more mainstream than it used to be, which isn’t a bad thing.

Piercings: 3 tips for having a great piercing

Since beauty standards have become more relaxed, getting a tattoo or a piercing is no longer frowned upon the same way it would have been 30 years ago.
Brushing hair correctly: 5 tips and tricks

Brushing your hair correctly: 5 tips and tricks

Brushing your hair properly is extremely important. It seems a less significant thing, but if you care about the health and beauty of your hair, it may be worth a little effort.

Blackheads: how to get rid of them forever

Blackheads appear on the skin in the form of small, dark spots as a result of loaded pores, and are also called open comedones.
Skincare: how to choose the best products for you

Skincare: how to choose the best products for you

Choosing from a variety of products that all claim to give the best results can be a little overwhelming. Here are 3 tips to help you pick the perfect skincare products for you.

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