Gaming is one of the most sought after means of entertaining. Since its early days in the ‘70s, it has brought together players of all ages. Gaming is an enjoyable, educative way to spend your time and resources.

There are many types of video games, such as action-adventure, roleplaying, simulation, multiplayer games, or strategy-based games.

Engaging in this activity has many benefits, such as developing your distributive attention, improving your decision-making abilities, and your learning skills. Moreover, it can help people improve their communication skills and establish lasting friendships based on common interests.

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Confessions of a silly gamer - Vampyr

Confessions of a silly gamer – Episode 2

After my previously bittersweet experience as a gamer I turned to an easier action RPG - Vampyr - that actually proved to be a quite thrilling experience.
Confessions of a silly gamer

Confessions of a silly gamer – Episode 1

I would like to start this Confessions series with a game I so hatefully adore - Bloodborne. Being such a silly gamer I had no clue what awaited me.

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PICO-8 Games: the shiny retro world of Fantasy Consoles

If you are a fan of retro games, you will love what you can find on the fantasy console PICO-8!

How Among Us Took Over the Internet in 2020

Let's see how Among Us, arguably the online version of the game "Mafia" has managed to become one of the biggest trends of 2020.

How video games have brought me closer to my brother

Living apart from my brother made it difficult for us to bond, but taking an interest in his passion for video games has brought us closer.
online games

3 online games to play with friends in a pandemic

If you are tired of the classic weekly catch up with friends or your usual online family night, these online games are going to help make it fun!

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