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Psychology is an exact science that deals with the study of the human mind and behavior. To sum it up, psychology is the study of mental functions and processes. Also, of inner and subjective experiences, we can mention thoughts and emotions. In addition, we can also mention consciousness, motivation, perception of others and personality.

People started to consider psychology an independent discipline. At the same time, different currents and different orientations have developed. They depended on the conceptions of the respective psychologists.

As in any branch of science that has sprung from philosophy, people have not left alone purely philosophical issues about the nature of the spirit. Moreover, they are even leading to the emergence of a philosophy of spirit.

The invisible influence that each thing has it on us

The invisible influence that each thing has it on us. Many of us do not notice the changes we make in ourselves every day. Time...

What’s the best thing to do when you find yourself experiencing homesickness? 

At some point in our lives, we all have suffered from homesickness. Sadly, there is no magical cure that can make it go away.

Colours powerful meaning

Have you ever wondered if colours affect your daily actions and what they can mean? I present a short introduction about the meaning of colours.
Christmas sock

Is Christmas just another Black-Friday?

Before starting this controversial debate, let’s first define what the Christmas celebration is all about.

2 Interesting Therapeutic Methods: Art and Music

It’s not new that art and music can have the same beneficial effects as other therapeutic methods.

Group therapy – 3 great benefits of attending a therapy group

Group therapy – as well as individual therapy – has begun to be a lot more normalized.

Powerful emotions – 5 tips to easily manage them

Emotions are the first signals generated by your body and mind, when you need to pay attention to something in your life. Having control of your emotions means that it is in your power to approach any situation rationally. Catch negative emotions, from their source, and use their energy as motivation for your actions.

The Dangers and Benefits of Social Comparison – 5 Tips on...

Do you ever feel left behind in life when comparing yourself to others? Discover the secret to making social comparison your ally.

Memory: 3 interesting things about it

Our memory is very weird. Sometimes we remember things we have not experienced at all. But why are they so real in our minds?
Mental Health

6 Useful Mental Health Tips For College Students

Studying in the middle of a pandemic is extremely challenging for many. If you’re a college student and you’re struggling to maintain both your emotional wellbeing and your GPA, here are some simple mental health tips that might help you.

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