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Psychology is an exact science that deals with the study of the human mind and behavior. To sum it up, psychology is the study of mental functions and processes. Also, of inner and subjective experiences, we can mention thoughts and emotions. In addition, we can also mention consciousness, motivation, perception of others and personality.

People started to consider psychology an independent discipline. At the same time, different currents and different orientations have developed. They depended on the conceptions of the respective psychologists.

As in any branch of science that has sprung from philosophy, people have not left alone purely philosophical issues about the nature of the spirit. Moreover, they are even leading to the emergence of a philosophy of spirit.

multilingual people

Multilingual people: 3 studies that show why they learn a new...

Multilingual people have faster brain activation than bilingual people and they can learn a new language easier after they have trained their brain.
Pushing through: Great oaks from little acorns grow

Pushing through: Great oaks from little acorns grow

This is a proverb close to my heart as it portrays the importance of pushing through.

Humor: 3 efficient functions of it and why victimised people resort...

Have you ever laughed at something that you shouldn’t? It might have been a serious matter and something in the formulation or voice made it so funny that you burst out in laughter? Did you ever use humor to express a problem? Here is how it works!
learning a new language

Learning a new language entails more intense brain activity

Studies have shown that learning a new language boosts the brain activity in the first months, while proficiency leads to decreased brain activity.
improve your memory

Improve your memory: 9 excellent techniques

There are many techniques to improve your memory and enhance intelligence that can be performed on a regular basis.
flow state-reach-your-peak-performance

Flow State – How to easily reach your peak performance

The flow state is when time stops, your senses sharpen and the whole world melts away, leaving only you and the work you are absorbed by.

Learning languages and the effects on the mind

Learning languages is a fascinating process, albeit a complex one. Here are some of the effects this can have on your mind!

Sleep deprivation and how it affects you

Sleep deprivation is often overlooked nowadays, but it has serious effects on your body. Here are some of these effects!
women history

5 of the Most Famous Women in History

There are a lot of women who contributed a great deal throughout history. Here are 5 of these most famous women and their accomplishment. History Anne...

Relationships: 4 great signs you’ve been played

So silly of you to think that this kind of attitude is healthy, and in reality, you're just being played. Maybe next time, it won't be the next time, and you won't settle for less!

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