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Don’t worry, this isn’t about school! Education is the most important aspect of the human race evolution. Many people, especially teenagers, think about school and Math when hearing “education” or “educational”. However, education refers to basically anything.

From educating your taste, to educating certain personal traits like patience or ambition or perseverance, anything can be educated through practice.

Do you want to read other people’s educational experiences? Do you just want to discover new things and become educated on a certain topic? If the answer is “yes” to at least one question, scroll through these very interesting articles and share them to help educate as many people as possible.

Senses: did you know these remarkable facts about them?

Our senses are crucial because they help us to live and experience life. Although there is a notion that there are only five of...

Studying – 4 techniques to study better

Most college students I know – myself included – often find it difficult to focus on studying, even though they typically have a lot...

3 Christmas traditions in Romania

If you are curious to find out the traditions of other people, I invite you to read about the wonderful Christmas traditions in Romania.

3 Christmas traditions in Russia

We are all looking forward to Christmas, but have we ever wondered what the traditions of other countries are? Access the article to learn more about Russian traditions.

1st of December in Romania and around the world

1st of December, the first day of every year’s last month, is a special one in many cultures, since in each part of the...

Booktube: What Is It and 3 Great Channels You Need to...

Every day on YouTube there’s plenty of content published on diverse topics and in different languages from people all across the world. Booktube is...

Can colors strongly influence our happy lives?

  Such a small detail, yet such an important impact on people, colors has been influenced our behavior, mood and the way we see everything...
Printers. Which one to get?

Printers: Which one should you get?

  Printers, as simple as their operation may seem, can be quite hard to choose, because there are a ton of models on the market,...
A photograph in a traditional library - with hard cover books

Ebooks VS. Hard Copy Books – Which Do You Prefer?

  Has the dilemma of “Ebooks VS. Hard Copy Book” ever crossed your mind? As a student, this has always been (and still is) one...
5 useful apps to learn new languages

5 useful apps to learn new languages

In this century, learning things became much easier, thanks to the internet full of websites and apps that can help you.

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