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Don’t worry, this isn’t about school! Education is the most important aspect of the human race evolution. Many people, especially teenagers, think about school and Math when hearing “education” or “educational”. However, education refers to basically anything.

From educating your taste, to educating certain personal traits like patience or ambition or perseverance, anything can be educated through practice.

Do you want to read other people’s educational experiences? Do you just want to discover new things and become educated on a certain topic? If the answer is “yes” to at least one question, scroll through these very interesting articles and share them to help educate as many people as possible.

march 1st in Romania

March 1st in Romania

March 1st is a holiday that traditionally celebrates spring, love and peace in most of the Eastern European countries like Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and...
Studying tips

Studying – 4 tips on how to be better focused on...

Exam sessions are here, and if you’re in university you know how difficult studying can be. Pair it with the extra stress of upcoming...

3 of Colleen Hoover’s best books

If you are passionate about reading, this is the perfect article for you! You won't regret it if you give Colleen Hoover's books a chance.

8 most spoken languages in the world

Have you ever wondered what are the most spoken languages in the world? And no, English is not the only language among them.
Should you move in with your partner?

Should you move in with your partner?

Moving in with your partner may be considered the most important step you could take during the course of your relationship.
new books

The Most Anticipated New Books of Spring 2022

Spring is finally here with its warm weather, blooming flowers and new books.

Microexpressions: 2 reasons why studying them can benefit you

Wouldnt it be interesting if you knew what the person you are talking to thinks? One method that people have used and found efficient is reading the body language

The first computer in the world

Have you ever wondered what your computer looked like when it was first created?

The “Memefication” of the War in Ukraine: Has Social Media Commodified...

The world woke up on the 24th of February 2022 with the horrifying news that war broke out in Europe about Ukraine.

3 benefits of giving up gluten

In order to have a healthier lifestyle and a longer and quieter life, I recommend giving up gluten.