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The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case: about gender (in)equality

The famous divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard started a long-awaited and much needed discussion about domestic abuse against men.

New Significant Changes in The Depp-Heard Lawsuit

Despite past victories in the Depp-Heard lawsuit, Amber Heard has recently lost court ruling. Her motion to exclude information about her alleged donation to the Children's Hospital of LA was denied. This will allow the court to know if she did make a donation or not.

Poland protests disrupt mass to object abortion law

On Sunday, protests against the abortion law were held in Poland and in front of the Poznan Cathedral, shouting abortion rights slogans.

Replacing Humans with Canine Electoral Candidates

Have you ever thought that the political system needs some changes in order to offer the stability we desire? Well, citizens of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky have found the solution: canine electoral candidates! Yes, you heard it right! They have been electing dogs for mayors since 1998! 

Typhoon Ulysses left the already weakened Philippines devastated!

The typhoon Ulysses hit the Philippines! This is the second time a typhoon affects the Philippines this month, resulting in 37 deaths.

Desperate situation in Italy: Naples patients received oxygen in their cars

Outside a Naples hospital, people received oxygen in their cars while waiting in a long queue of ambulances and private vehicles.

Church vs state: women protest to protect their rights

A war between church and state: for almost a week now, thousands of women are marching the streets of Warsaw trying to protect their rights.

System of a Down releases music after 15-year absence to help...

System of a Down decided to put conflicts aside and recorded two songs after 15 years for a cause greater than themselves.

New highly efficient vaccine against Covid-19

Pfizer announced the success of their new vaccine against Covid-19. The great medical advance will soon benefit millions of people.

The Democrat Joe Biden won the 2020 US presidential election!

As the majority of the citizens expected, J. Biden became the 46th president: he won the US presidential election, held on November 2nd, 2020.

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