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Fashion is an art, therefore it is subjective. What it’s beautiful to some it’s hideous to others and that makes it all more interesting. Even so, the fashion sense can be educated. Certain colors and patterns look good together, while an accessory might ruin the entire look.

We present the latest trends, but it’s up to you to decide what fits your personality. Remember, it’s important to experiment as much as you can! As you grow as a person, your style also changes.

What you wear must is a reflection of your inner life, so pay attention to both of them!


The truth behind the fast-fashion industry

The truth behind the fast-fashion industry is quite tragic and without even noticing, it creates a harmful place to live in.

Go Cruelty-Free: 5 Make-up Brands That are 100% Cruelty-Free

Let's stop supporting brands that are testing on animals. Here are 5 affordable cruelty-free make-up brands that you should check out.

Designing and sewing your own clothes (why and how to)

Designing and sewing your own clothes is something you should get into this 2020, whether you plan on taking it seriously or just as a hobby.

The shopping addiction in your teenager years during high school

Oniomania (compulsive shopping, or what's more commonly referred to as shopping addiction) is perhaps the most socially acceptable addiction. Think about it: We are...

Four haute couture designers to make you fall in love with...

Many fashion designers try to find a way to adapt to this situation, we, the general public, tend to go back to the past for comfort.

Why I love and encourage thrift shopping (and why you should...

Despite the fact that thrift shopping has considerably gained popularity throughout the past few years, some people still find it shameful. I want to...

The changing tradition of fashion shows during the pandemic

Up until 2020, we had been used to models walking down the runway, showcasing the newest collections of designer clothes and accessories. Every spring/summer...

The most expensive watch in the world: Patek Philippe Supercomplications

It's not just a watch. It's a pocket watch, a jewel more expensive than a mansion on the seashore. And if we consider the...
fashion passion

Fashion – an incurable passion during the quarantine

For some, fashion is a passion, even during the quarantine. A colleague fashionista of ours found unique ways in which she changed her wardrobe in the “arts and crafts” way!

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