Some people say that the best way to express how you feel is by writing it down. The act of writing is something so personal, so intimate, nothing but you and a blank page. Keeping this in mind, we created the “Prose” category of our magazine.

Thus, our readers can expect to find original texts of various genres and topics and even commentaries and reviews of other famous literary works. If you’re a book lover, you’ve surely come to the right place!

Feel free to browse through our “Prose” section and dive deep into our stories and opinions. We can guarantee you’ll love them!


An interesting take on a sensitive topic. Try this short story and take another look at the way you view your life.

I was born in the color of white

Have you ever wondered what others see in snow? Have you ever wondered why others love the sea? It's time to find out!

Bitter beard I

Silence. The tension of the walls accumulated in a chain of torn down walls, maybe, because of the interior music of a thousand forgotten particles...

Oh Báron, Rose is also teasing you

Haven't you learned yet that you cannot manipulate me, Baron? I've been playing with fire all my life and it made my soul pitch...

We are like stars

We are like stars. I had gone out to watch the sunset. I wasn't feeling so well, but not physically, it was a strange...

Two different worlds – hearts broken by dissapointment

We've looked at each other on the border of two different worlds... I watched him leave through the door of my heart disappearing in the...

A walk in November

It was again November, that time of the year when nature falls into depression. The days are gloomy, sad, and feel like they are...

Behind the gates

I have often watched, minutes, hours or days in a row, those gates, closed and open on different days, differently, by different people. Maybe...

Serving love at homeland’s altar

It hurts me so much like your heart hurts when you see me cry. It's a complicated day for us and our love. It...

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