Bird-Feeding: 5 Amazing Products From Amazon For Bird-Feeding Month

In the wintertime, birds have a hard time. Next time you go out, consider feeding them. Here you have a list of products perfect for a bird.

5 Fascinating Water Creatures – Wonders of the Deep-Sea

Are you a wildlife enthusiast and want to know more about the fauna of our sea? Here are some fascinating water creatures that roam the deep-sea.

Saving the Kakapos: the beautiful parrots which cannot fly

The Kakapo, also called the owl parrot or the night parrot, is a flightless bird which can be found only in New Zealand. It's...

5 Moth species more beautiful than butterflies

Moths got an unfair reputation when compared to butterflies. There are a lot of colourful moth species that outshine most butterflies, unfortunately, they are...

Cats and dogs get compassion yet we kill other animals without guilt

Why do we distinguish between “eatable” and “non-eatable” animals and pick out guilt-free which ones are worthy of our love and compassion?

Cat aggression explained: what you’re doing wrong

Against popular belief, cat aggression isn't random. It can be predicted if you pay close attention to your cat. Here is what you might be doing wrong!

Fostering cats and dogs: why it’s a great idea

Fostering cats and dogs is a wonderful option aside from donating to shelters or simply adopting. Read more to find out details about fostering pets!

The cute quokkas: wonderful selfie loving marsupials

The cute quokkas of Australia are wonderful marsupials that enjoy taking selfies with humans. Read more about their nature in this article!

Puppy dog eyes: how dogs evolved to be liked more by...

Humans form deep, meaningful bonds with their dogs. Here is how puppy dog eyes make dogs more likeable and aid in communication.
hamster care tips

Hamster care tips

If you think about getting a new fluffy friend, welcome to my hamster care tips lesson for beginners! Here's all you need to know.

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What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

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