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Did anyone say “entertainment”? Movies, books or music? Or maybe you are into beauty or sports and travelling? None? You just want something to smile at, like funny memes or pics with clumsy cats? Great then, this category has it all.

Find the best way to relax among book reviews, movie and series ideas. Scroll your way down to new places to visit or check which beauty products you can use next. Entertain yourself reading funny lists of tweets and memes, or just find inspiration in original and personal poems written by our talented team members.

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5 popular songs that became memes over the years

This is a top 5 list with some of the most recognizable songs that became memes over social media and a short story behind each one of them.
lgbt shows

4 exciting LGBTQ TV shows to check out

Here you have 4 of my favorite LGBTQ TV shows that I recommend if you're looking to binge-watch a new show.

3 Spanish songs with profound lyrics I simply adore

Spanish is the first foreign language ever loved. I enjoy listening to Spanish songs so much, especially when they come with deep a.k.a relatable lyrics. So here are some songs I simply adore.
Manga in the Japanese culture: a short history

Manga: 100 years of interesting Japanese culture

With the rising popularity of the Japanese culture nowadays, manga is read by a lot of people. Let's find some cool stuff about it!
monetization platform

5 Great Monetization Platforms for Content Creators in 2021

Using a monetization platform is a must for any content creator these days. In this increasingly digital age that we live in, the Internet is an invaluable tool for creatives seeking to gain a platform. Whether you are a visual artist, a musician, a writer, a podcaster, a video essayist or any other sort of creative, if you are seeking to monetize your passion, you might want to look into one of the following online monetization platforms.
Disney live-actions

3 disastrous Disney live-action movies that aren’t worth it

In the last 2 years or so, the live-action movies have blown out and Disney may have exaggerated with some. I don’t say that all of them are bad, but I think that some of them just aren’t worth it.
Four action movies starring badass women

4 action movies starring badass women

What about a female in the role of a James Bond? Here are 4 action movies played by amazing women who really know how to fight for what they want.
neil gaiman

5 reasons why Neil Gaiman is a brilliant writer

Neil Gaiman (10 Nov 1960) is an English journalist and writer whose works range from comic books to short stories, scripts, novels, and biographies. Here are five reasons why I recommend his works:

3 amazing underrated classics for literature lovers

It is no lie that trends come and go, and literature's best classics make no exception. Authors rise and fall and so do their life's works. However, once they do, they turn into hidden gems that only the keen eye can discover. Here are three underappreciated literary works!

20th century British Literature: the bad and the fascinating

Ah, British Literature! From Chaucer and Shakespeare to George Orwell and Samuel Beckett things changed. Let's see how and why they changed!

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chia seeds

Chia seeds: the surprising health benefits

Chia seeds began to become popular among healthy foods a few years ago when the big food producers chose to add these small seeds in the composition of several products - bread, yogurt, drinks.
Word of Honor

Word of Honor, a captivating 2021 c-drama worth watching

Word of Honor is a Chinese period drama about conflicts in the martial arts world. Amidst the chaos, Zhou Zishu meets Wen Kexing and discovers a reason to live.

10 of the best and most expected anime of 2021!

A new year, a new season for the newest anime adaptations! Here are 10 of the best and most expected anime adaptations of 2021!
clear and glowing skin

5 drugstore products that helped me get clear and glowing skin

The difference between ugly hag and Princess of the Kingdom can lie in your skin, so why not help it a little?
What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

When you are in toxic relationship you can find a reason to leave behind and be happy. Nobody can hold a relationship together when they are the only one doing the work.