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Find the best way to relax among book reviews, movie and series ideas. Scroll your way down to new places to visit or check which beauty products you can use next. Entertain yourself reading funny lists of tweets and memes, or just find inspiration in original and personal poems written by our talented team members.

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Cartoons that bring back lovely childhood memories for 90s babies

I am sure we all grew up in a different cultural environment, but the 90s babies for sure share the same nostalgia in this top 10 Cartoon Network’s programs. Let’s go back to memory lane together!

5 great webtoon series that you have to read PART I

Have you ever heard of a webtoon series? They are a great source of entertaining! Here are 5 webtoons you have to read!

5 good and honest reasons why you have to pick up...

Having a hobby is really important. And no, scrolling on social media platforms is not a hobby. Allow me to give you five reasons why it is important!

Top 4 Pixar animated movies that made me cry

 Who doesn’t love a good Pixar animated movie? Whether it is to make your little sibling leave you alone, or just want a break....

3 former YouTubers who are now celebrities

These celebrities who used to be youtubers show us that we shouldn't expect things in life to be handed to us on a silver platter!

Famous Russian Authors Worth Reading: a chronological list – Part III

The list continues with some of the greatest authors in Russian literature and not only: Nikolay Nekrasov, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy.

Visual artists you should follow on Instagram (Part 1)

If you need more beauty in your life, check out this article on visual artists you should follow on Instagram!

5 Weird musical instruments you probably never heard of

We’re all familiarised with musical instruments such as violin or guitar. But what about other instruments?

10 of the best and most expected anime of 2021!

A new year, a new season for the newest anime adaptations! Here are 10 of the best and most expected anime adaptations of 2021!

The Wes Anderson Style – Why Are His Movies So Easily...

Wes Anderson has a truly unique style. You can easily realize when you’re watching one of his movies. How does he achieve that?

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Amae: 6 types of the Japanese concept of need and love

Amae is a concept found only in Japanese society and its meaning varies from one stage of life to another stage. In this article, I have explained this concept and its forms throughout many stages of life.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until...

You may have asked yourselves plenty of times, why are we so afraid to confront the truth? Why do we all seem incapable of...

Vulnerability and being vulnerable – the key to authenticity 

Vulnerability: does the fact of being vulnerable, of showing your weaknesses, of being human is the worse thing that can happen to you?

Victorian literature: 2 great “books” that you should read!

Have you considered reading Victorian literature books? If not, allow me to give you a very short and brief recommandation !

Cardi B Tweeted Naked Pictures Of First Lady, Melania Trump!

Cardi B won’t let anybody take her for granted. The rapper has come for Melania Trump, after a former Republican Congressional candidate claimed America needs...