Fortune or bad luck? Superstitions only Romanians will understand


Romanians are known to be very inventive people. That’s why we are rich in folklore, myths, and, especially, superstitions. Not only do we have to be careful with a lot of things, but we can also swear by them. So pay attention when you step foot in Romania not to leave with a bag full of bad luck.

Money, luck, and itching 

Next time your palms itch, you might want to be careful which one. It is said that if your right palm itches, you will receive money, but if your left palm itches, you will have to give some. So not only fortune-tellers can predict your next incomings or debts. Related to hands, a mold in your palm is said to bring you good luck throughout your entire life. The itching superstition has also to do with your nose. An itchy nose is a sign that you will get slapped. So watch your back when you feel like scratching!

Bad luck is also foreshadowed by an indoors open umbrella. You have to wait until you get outside to open your umbrella. Another luck related superstition is the one with the mirror. A broken mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck. Who would have thought?

Everybody loves cats, right? Wait until a black cat cuts your path. Not only does this mean bad luck and that you’ll have a bad day, but you have to choose another path to break “the spell”.

Next time your mom yells at you that you broke her favorite glass, tell her that the pieces of glass bring fortune and good luck. If this happens on a sunny day, so much the better, rain is the most powerful sign of good luck. 

Weddings and relationships

On her wedding day, a bride has to wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, to make sure that she’ll be happily married. But before that, make sure that you will actually get married and avoid sitting in the corner of the table. It is said that if you do so, you won’t get married. 

Signs of bad luck and of an unhappy marriage are: the bride dropping her flowers, meeting another bide on the road, if the wedding rings get lost or if someone forgets them at home. It is also said that the girl without siblings won’t get a good husband and that the first one that falls asleep on the wedding night will die first. In the same tone, when the two future partners hold hands in the church, the one that has the colder hand, will be the first to meet his maker.

Romanians like to throw rice or wheat at the newlywed couple for good luck and prosperity. Also, the bride has to give her veil to another girl, to spread good luck. 

If you want to bring flowers to your first date, be careful at the number. An even number of flowers is for the deceased, so you might want to make sure that there’s an odd number. Also, don’t let go of the hand of your partner when you are walking and encounter an obstacle. It is a sign that the relationship won’t last, and you’ll break up at your first fight.

Not even death is a place to get away from superstitions

Romanians are also known for their dark sense of humor. But they surely know how to predict death. A nightmare about an ugly creature or freshly dug graves is a bad sign. Men that dream about their weapons and swords being shattered, will find their death on the battlefield. 

When there is someone very ill in the house and the cats are fighting, they are very likely to die. Also, to find whether the badly ill will survive, one can boil southernwood in fresh water overnight. The next morning, if the water is red, the man will die, but if it is white, he will survive. If the suffering turns himself to face the wall, it is a sign that he won’t get better, but if he faces the room, he will recover.

A heavy sudden storm implies that an innocent man has lost his life. One cannot broom in the house in which someone recently died until the funeral. The groom who doesn’t laugh at his wedding will soon find his end. 

At the end of the day, is your choice whether you believe in luck or in the superstitions of the Romanians or not. But don’t wonder why bad things happen to you, or why do you feel like bad luck is hiding at every corner of the street.


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