A genius book: Roadside picnic

A genius book: Roadside Picnic

Have you ever heard about Stalker or S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl? Then be ready to read Roadside picnic, the strange SF book of brothers Strugatsky.
Sarah J. Maas' books

Sarah J. Maas’ books: 10 memorable quotes to live by

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Sarah J. Maas books are the most hyped fantasy works at the moment in the reading community....
tom ripley

Tom Ripley is a charming killer and 5 books that prove...

If you're in search of a suspenseful crime saga, the Tom Ripley books written by Patricia Highsmith might be your answer.

3 brilliant philosophers you should read in your late teens and...

Philosophers have been around for a really long time and it’s a pity we’ve lost our interest in them. My journey with philosophy started...
namjoon books

Namjoon of BTS: amazing books recommended (2)

This is the second reading list inspired by books Namjoon has recommended. Namjoon BOOKS Who is Namjoon?  books BTS is a 7-member boy band from South...
namjoon books

4 Amazing books Namjoon from BTS has recommended (1)

This is a list inspired by Namjoon's reading list. Namjoon books Who is Namjoon?  books BTS is a 7-member boy band from South Korea that has...

Allerleirauh by Chantal Gadoury- a feminist symbol of hope and healing...

This fairytale waves the story of a well-beloved dying queen that asks her husband to never re-marry unless he finds someone that has golden hair as charming as hers.
Spring reads

Spring reads: 5 memorable books to welcome Spring with

I don't know what you, but I really need some Spring reads in my life right now. Having overcome the cold and nostalgia of...
reading more

Tips on on reading more : How I read 110 books...

Reading more and more books every year has always been a goal for me. When I was a high school student, I used to...
4 exciting Young Adult Fantasy book series to binge-read now

Book series to binge-read NOW: 4 exciting Young Adult Fantasy ones

Young Adult Fantasy book series are all the rage in the booking communities. Teenagers and adults altogether are raving about the newest releases of...

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