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Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations. People can travel by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, bus, airplane, ship or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip.

Regardless of its means, travelling is an important part of people’s lives. Without it, everything would be monotone and sad. So, you can color your life and make it better!

Feel free to read about our opinions about various destinations and get yourself inspired! You never know how a trip might change your life forever! Go ahead and live the moment in the most wonderful way possible: by travelling!

Typhoon Ulysses left the already weakened Philippines devastated!

The typhoon Ulysses hit the Philippines! This is the second time a typhoon affects the Philippines this month, resulting in 37 deaths.

Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire!

A month ago Argentina was victim of uncontrollable fires in the center of the country, specifically in a province called Córdoba.

Why Sighisoara is worth a visit any time of the year

Sighisoara is a town in Transylvania that is sometimes overlooked by travellers, but you can visit it any time of the year!

5 Places in Australia You Need to See

If you could magically conjure up a place that's ideal for travel adventures, it would be hard to imagine anything better than Australia.

5 countries that you should definitely visit sometime

I know this can be a cliché for some of you, but yes, I love travelling. It relaxes me and calms me down, while I learn new things.

Bucharest – The European Capital of Romania and graffiti too

„After pop art, graffiti is probably the largest art movement in recent history”. Here are some of the greatest graffiti in Bucharest!

5 Best Places To Visit In Asia

Asia is the largest continent by both size and population - a diverse, multi-cultural melting pot of some of the oldest civilizations on Earth.

5 of Africa’s most incredible places you have to visit

If you have the chance to visit Africa, just do it!

The Most Haunted Places in Romania (Part 2)

"Between the things we see and the things we fear, there is a world of possibilities". So, let's explore together that supernatural realm while we uncover more of the most haunted places in Romania.

The Most Haunted Places in Romania (Part 1)

If you're a fan of the supernatural or the legend of Dracula's Castle, you should know about these other haunted places in Romania.

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