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Uifelean Aurora Sofia

Uifelean Aurora Sofia

My name is Aurora Sofia UIfelean and I am the editor-in-chief of this magazine. I love quantum mechanics and I also play the ukulele. When my inspiration comes I write poetry. Weaving is a passion that haunts me since I was a child.


Teodora Elena Pintilie

Teodora Elena

I am a 20-year old foreign languages student, who likes to write and to express herself through art. I study English and Russian at the University of Bucharest (I love the Russian language and culture). I also love music and psychology, therefore most of my articles are about that. Feel free to check them out and tell me what you feel about them in the comments!

Maria L. Antohe

Maria Antohe

I’m a 24-year-old who has a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. Writing is one of my oldest hobbies. Since the lockdown, I have found myself drawn into it once more. My interests range from gothic literature to obscure 80s music, with a dash of mental illnesses on top. I am here to improve my language skills and to be part of this generation’s voice.

Social Media

Andra Fodor

Andra Fodor

Hello there, my little sunshines! I’m Andra and I do the social media part for this amazing magazine. I’m also passionate about graphic design and marketing. At POV21 Magazine I learned what it’s like to be loved and appreciated. I’m glad to be part of this beautiful team.


Andra Gabriela Andreescu

Hello, I’m Andra. I’m passionate about literature, theatre, mythology and art. I’m also fond of sport, (neuro)psychology, drawing, writing, films, manga and music. In fact, I’m an avid listener of jazz, and indie music. Anyway, if I hear something interesting, I’ll probably do an extensive research about it. I’m on my way of becoming an illustrator, and, hopefully, a storyteller.

Dumitrescu Adela Cristiana

Ar putea fi o imagine cu unul sau mai mulţi oameni, persoane în picioare, lac şi natură

Hello there,my name is Dumitrescu Adela.I am 22 years old and I study serbian and portuguese at the University of Bucharest.I love everything about mountains and I am at my happiest when I am surrounded by nature.I am pretty shy so I like to express myself through writing and photography.

Gabriela Bacanu

Open photo

Hello there! My name is Gabriela and I study about the Islamic space at the masters degree. I am passionate about foreign languages, art and traveling, so I love writing articles about these subjects, but I also fancy the more profound ones, like life lessons and advice. I am also passionate about coffee, movies and everything cozy.

Catalina Bordea

Nu este disponibilă nicio descriere.

My name is Catalina and I think I’m supposed to say that I love writing more than anything. It’s both true and a lie. I love writing, whether it’s creative or scientific, but I love cats more. They are my absolute weakness, my cats Mau and Oscar. Yes, Oscar Wilde.

Elena Catea

Hello there! I’m Elena and I studied japanese as a foreign language in university. I found myself really interested in the asian, especially in the kawaii culture, fashion and skincare.  My passions are reading and aslo collecting cute souvenirs from all the places I visited until now. I’m obsessed with tea  and aesthetics. I can be a little bit clumsy and sometimes can be compared with a racoon from the lack of sleep.

Gabriela Danilescu

Hello! I am Gabriela, and I am a Comparative Literature and Japanese graduate. I think of myself as a cottagecore aesthetic enthusiast, spending my free time reading children classics with Ghibli music on.Striving to apply the hygge lifestyle into my cozy existance. My cat is my role model. I am pretty sure I am not hers.

Marin Alexandra – Maria

Nu este disponibilă nicio descriere.

I am a 19-year old student at the University of Bucharest , who had always been crazy about any kind of art or entertaiment. This is why I believe everything around us represents an endless source of inspiration. However, writing is one of my oldest passions and for me it is the most unique way of expressing yourself.

Nedina Gjorgjieva

Hello there! I am Nedina and currently pursuing my master degree at the University of Bucharest. Besides my obsession with learning languages, I am a huge fan of Jane Austen, have a passion for writing, in love with autumn, have a serious addiction to tea and still waiting for my letter of acceptance from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Favorite quote: “Learning a foreign language is pointless, I’m not even allowed to talk to strangers” – Anonymous

Oana Pîrîianu

Oana Piriianu

Hey. I’m Oana. I’m into short descriptions. And rather informal ones. I like drawing, doing thematic make-ups, taking photos and editing. I usually write about psychology and Romanian cultural events.

Roxana Constantin

In love with fiction books and romance novels. Addicted to the windy, rainy weather. I enjoy night rides with good music. Perfectionist Virgo. In the mood of keep developing myself. Still learning to love the parts of myself that no one claps for : ) That being said, be you, love you, all ways, always.

Sînziana Constantinescu

Just a little human amongst very many others – forever in love with nature, good music, soft music and vibrant people. 

Perpetually looking for a new purpose that can absorb my being and offer me balance.

Viviana Dinu

Hey, I’m Viviana Dinu. My interests include reading, pastel painting, learning new languages, gaming, and gardening. I’m also the proud mom of a feisty fat cat that makes my life just a bit better. If you ever see me on the streets, there’s a high chance I will be feeding random stray cats – I can’t help but be passionate about caring for them.


Raluca Crucerescu

My name is Raluca, I’m 21 years old and I am a student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures in Bucharest. I am originally from Iasi, but I somehow ended up here. I thoroughly enjoy weird movies and documentaries, rainy weather, and old hits. I am cancer, therefore very emotional, but I never let that stop me from getting where I want to be. I am passionate about my work and I love getting educated on as many subjects as I can.