25 million Iranians have been infected from the coronavirus, says President Hassan Rouhani

coronavirus president Hassan Rouhani

In a special statement, the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday (July 18) that 25 million Iranians have been infected with the coronavirus and that another 35  million were at risk as well it as Iran re-imposed restrictions.

“Our estimate is that until now 25 million Iranians have been infected with this virus and about 14,000 have lost their dear lives,” Mr. Rouhani said in the statement. “There is  the possibility that between 30 and 35 million other people will be at risk.”

Rouhani also said that Iran may have to prepare itself for double the number of hospitalizations it has had in the past five months, according to the study.

And it is for the first time, a senior Iranian official has indicated the country is seeking to defeat Covid-19 via herd immunity.

So far, the virus has killed more than 588,000 people and infected nearly 14 million around the world since first being detected in China last year. The United States leads globally with more than 3.6 million cases. Somehow, these figures make Iran even more affected than the U.S, which has registered a total number of confirmed cases.

According to John Hopkins data, Iran’s official toll of confirmed cases was 271,606 with putting it among the top hardest-hit nations.

However, the Iranian President’s office says that 271,606 of infected just based on “an estimated scenario” from a report by the health ministry’s deputy minister of research.

Iran has a population of more than 80 million, has been the Middle East country hit the hardest by the epidemic, with infections and deaths rising sharply since restrictions were eased beginning in mid-April.

As the Health Ministry, 209 deaths were reported on last the past 24 hours to take Iran’s total to14,188.

Because of the current situation, the Iranian Authorities have decided to re-impose restrictions.

Starting Sunday, 22 cities and towns in the southwestern Khuzestan Province will be under a three-day lockdown, the province’s governorate announced on Saturday.

And that will include Behbahan, where police on Thursday fired tear gas into a crowd protesting over economic hardships.

Whatever the president says, the Health Services of Iran aren’t ready to show their certification regarding the president’s statement. Moreover, the majority of the  Iranian citizens show their objection against president Hassan, stating that he shows the world faulty reports to the world about the current situation, trying to get others’ attention before he loses his seat in the presidential election next year.

Moreover, according to the view of the majority of Iranians’, President Hassan  Rouhani is the worst and the weakest ruler of the Islamic Republic of Iran ever since it was established in 1979. Hence, many citizens have ignored him as President, and his actions against Covid-19 have caused the increasing objections of Iranians towards him.



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