anime sequels

Best Anime Sequels Airing This Winter 2021-2022

The next anime season, winter 2021-2022, is bringing back on screens anime sequels of hit series such as Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer....
Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho Review: the Glitz, the Glamour, and the...

Last Night in Soho premiered this weekend (October 29) in cinemas as part of the horror repertoire of October 2021.
The Driver Era: an amazing band you need to hear

The Driver Era: an amazing band you need to hear

Most people don't know about this band called "The Driver Era". But no worries, I will show you why you should definitely give them a chance!
new movies

New Movies in Cinemas Fall 2021

As cinemas have opened this year in most places of the world, after a year of being closed, many new movies that have been rescheduled are to be released this season.

Top 3 Horror Comics To Get Into The Halloween Spirit

I will present to you 3 amazing comics that will most definitely put you in the Halloween mood and will make you sleep with your lights on.

5 Fashion Channels That You Need to Follow!

Fashion is undoubtedly a great medium of self-expression and it can help the way you view yourself. ‎

3 reasons why writing fanfiction is a great idea

Over the last decade, fanfiction has become increasingly popular, especially among teenagers and young adults.
Squid Game - why it is so popular?

Squid Game – why it is so popular?

We all heard about this new series from Netflix: Squid Game, but some of you are still wondering what is this fuss all about.
woman yelling at cat meme

Meet Smudge- the cat from the “Woman yelling at cat” meme

I think everyone saw or at least knows about this famous meme which became viral in a short time. We all shared it with friends and came up with our own captions, but do you know the story behind it and how the cat became the subject of the meme? Well, let’s reveal the mystery once and for all.
New year, new hobby

7 Aesthetics That Social Media Is Obsessed With

Image-based social networks such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, We Heart It and TikTok have had a tremendous impact on modern fashion, but the concept of ‘aesthetic’ transcends fashion choices. In fact, aesthetics more often than not bleed into people’s lifestyles and personalities. If one of the following aesthetics is calling to you, look no further than the social media apps mentioned earlier for tips on how to implement them in your wardrobe – and lifestyle!

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