IC3PEAK: between the urban and traditional

IC3PEAK is one of the many bands in Russia. Their style is unique, and their messages are often political and social.

The new TikTok trend of 2021: the wonderful sea shanties!

Have you ever heard of sea shanties? They are old songs sung by sailors and they became an interesting trend on TikTok. Let's see some of them!

5 great webtoon series that you have to read PART I

Have you ever heard of a webtoon series? They are a great source of entertaining! Here are 5 webtoons you have to read!

3 former YouTubers who are now celebrities

These celebrities who used to be youtubers show us that we shouldn't expect things in life to be handed to us on a silver platter!

The Hollywood Reporter Calls Johnny Depp Impossible to Work with

The online publication portrayed Johnny Depp as an out-of-control madman. The article blames his exclusion from the industry on his “erratic and violent behaviour” and “thirst for revenge”.  

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