It is safe to say that movies are a huge part of our lives. After all, we are entering a new world. We get to watch various characters closely while they’re making their magic on the screens. We go through a unique experience every time we grab popcorn and choose a new movie to watch. Be them classics or brand new Netflix movies, you are about to enter a new, perhaps more adventurous life, and we are here to make sure you’re enjoying it at its fullest.

Reviews, opinions, debates, and a lot of fun – this is the place to be if you’re passionate about movies.

Le Bazar de la Charité : a stunning french series about social justice and women empowerment

Le Bazar de la Charité : a stunning french series about social...

The French series becomes more then a historical drama, it also involves true acts of courage, identity theft, faked deaths, betrayals, political injustice and love of all kinds.

6 movies that I simply love

We all have those movies that kind of defined us, movies that have touched our souls in one way or another. Today, I am...
anime movies

Best Anime Movies You Will Fall in Love With: Part 1

I must admit that when I choose between watching anime movies or anime shows, I usually choose the latter. Maybe it is because of...

Great movies that will be one decade old in 2022 

Here are some movies that will be one decade old in 2022 and will make you realize how dangerously fast time flies by. 
90's movies

Four 90s Movies That Are Great if You’re Seeking Fashion Inspiration

It is no secret that costume design is an important aspect of film as an art form, and I believe 90s movies showcase a...

6 Sci-fi Movies I find Interesting

I couldn't be happier to share some of my favorite sci-fi movies that will amaze you too. So grab your popcorn and be ready...
"Your Name" why is the best anime movie to watch?

“Your Name” why is the best anime movie to watch?

Anime became really popular nowadays. And many people decided to watch different anime movies and series that will keep them busy.
The best Christmas movies that you shouldn't miss this December

The best Christmas movies that you shouldn’t miss this December

It’s November, but we can already feel the Christmas spirit in the air. The shops are already full with Christmassy stuff and people already...
5 animation movies which are perfect for cat lovers

5 animation movies which are perfect for cat lovers

I decided to make a list of some animations movies that I've watched when I was little and I still enjoy them.
Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho Review: the Glitz, the Glamour, and the...

Last Night in Soho premiered this weekend (October 29) in cinemas as part of the horror repertoire of October 2021.

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