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Wellness is an important part of our lives. It can be: emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, physical, environmental and so on. It can also be a state of mind. Moreover, higher level of wellness means that in some sense the individual’s or group’s condition is more positive.

In this category, you can find tips and tricks regarding wellness and how to take care of yourself and improving in every aspect of your life. You can also read about experiences and advice about this and learn lots of new things!

Don’t hesitate! Feel free to see what our writers have to say about this: you won’t regret it!


Backpain and 5 Tips to Help Avoid or Alleviate It

This Pandemic must have been tough on your back, what with all the sitting indoors. If you didn't know how to avoid backpain, here are some tips!
Why hugging is important and 3 ways it can improve your life

Why hugging is important and 3 ways it can improve your...

I think hugging is one of the most powerful ways to show your support to someone without saying anything. It is also a universal love language through which humans can transmit a whole range of emotions, from love, to empathy and longing.

5 reasons why volunteering is so rewarding and helpful

I know we live in this capitalist society and people tend to think that volunteering is basically doing unpaid work, but I am here to spark
Friends having fun while taking a selfie

Friends: 5 Sincere Reasons Why Having Too Many of Them is...

Having a lot of friends can be fun, but this article will teach you not only the disadvantages, but also the dangers of bonding too many friendships.

Group therapy – 3 great benefits of attending a therapy group

Group therapy – as well as individual therapy – has begun to be a lot more normalized.

Getting a Hobby, The Best Decision You Could Make

Whether you're bored out of your mind or sick and tired of your busy schedule, perhaps all you need is a nice little hobby to give you a change of pace.
How to romanticize your life and why you should do it

How to romanticize your life and why you should do it

"I’ll give you a few examples of how to romanticize your life – which, to me is somehow synonymous to improving the quality of your life."

Avocado: the surprising health benefits

Avocado is a satiating fruit with a creamy and dense pulp. Modern cuisine has discovered its versatility, and due to its pleasant taste and aroma.
6 remedies for recovering your lost voice

Lost voice – 6 easy remedies to recover it

If you deal with a lost voice during the weekend when your doctor is away and look for quick remedies follow some of them that I found the most helpful.
good night sleep

8 Tips on how to get a good night sleep effortless

We either have a project to do, work, we have to learn, we have to do everything and we tend to forget about the importance of a good night's sleep.

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