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There are many types of families: the ones we are born in, the ones we dream of, and the ones we find along the way. It doesn’t matter if you come from a monoparental house or how many siblings do you have. Sometimes there are only you, your spouse, and a pet against the world. You see, where is love, there’s a family.

In this section, you will find articles about family dynamics and how to get over disagreements. Also, if you look for tips on how to be a better parent, this is the place for you!

Being part of a family isn’t easy, but it’s one of life’s greatest gifts. Come and explore it with us!


The truth about adoption: 4 common misconceptions refuted

Adoption is an amazing thing that some couples choose as an alternative to the traditional family. Here are some misconceptions about it!
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Board Games: 5 Incredibly Entertaining Board Games

Having fun has never been easier! Here are 5 incredibly entertaining board games to play with your friends and family.

Maternal instincts: 2 motherhood types without giving birth and the strong...

Being a mother does not especially mean being a woman or giving birth. Maternal instincts mean the bond between the mother and her child. But is it necessary to give birth to feel the special bond with a child?
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Amazing Tiktoker is changing the lives of poor African children in...

Together with the TikTok community, this woman is changing the lives of many African children. Dora Moono Nyambe is a teacher from rural Zambia,...
Top 5 life-changing self-defense products for women

Top 5 life-changing self-defense products for women

How can we as women protect ourselves and how can you protect the ones you love? you can't be with them at all times. here are a few products to help them protect themselves.

Top 4 Pixar animated movies that made me cry

 Who doesn’t love a good Pixar animated movie? Whether it is to make your little sibling leave you alone, or just want a break....
family history

Discovering Your Family History: a practical guide

We all must discover as much about our family history as possible – both as a token of gratitude to our ancestors and for our own good. Here's how!

Lockdown: a safety measure for some but a living hell for...

Raising awareness about the increase of the domestic abuse cases in lockdown, is very important! find out how you can help and you could save a life.

The 5 must-have toys for Christmas 2020

Here are the toys that would make christmas 2020 magical like the ones before. lets make this season special for our little ones and put some smiles on their faces!

The bad cop/good cop Christmas tradition: Krampus vs. St. Nicholas

Have you ever heard about the Christmas tradition of Krampus and Saint Nicholas? Here you can find out more about this quirky festivity.

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