What happened to “Tokyo 2020”? – Global pandemic situation


As we all know, 2020 has demonstrated that the most unexpected and horrible situation can repeat itself in the first quarter of the 21st century: a new global pandemic. Let’s find what happened to “Tokyo 2020”.

Even if the coronavirus started as “the Chinese virus” and ended up as a pandemic one when it seemed like it couldn’t get any worse, the virus became to cause the postponing of so many major events, one of them being the Summer Olympic Games, which were scheduled to start on 24 July 2020 in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

World Health Organization (WHO)

As the global pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) and so many people doubted the conditions in which the 2020 Olympics would occur, rumors which said that one of the most-watched sports events in the world would be canceled started to spread around the globe.

International Olympic Committee (IOC)

However, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) dismissed the rumors, describing it as “pure speculation”. They eventually made a statement through which they admitted that the Olympiad won’t take place this year, but in 2021:

The IOC together with its partners and friends in Japan is fully committed to celebrating the Games of the XXXII Olympiad from 23 July until 8 August 2021 in Tokyo,” an IOC spokesperson said.

They also claimed that “The joint task force is 100 percent focused on this goal, everything else is pure speculation”.

The IOC and the Japanese government has had long negotiations on the huge subject of whether postponing the Games or not, which concluded as well with a scenario: the event will be postponed in 2020, but if it may have to be postponed again, the Japanese government made it clear that they will not afford to continue being the host.

Until then, we all may have to cooperate to overcome the bad situation created by this pandemic.


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