Harry Potter and Newt Scamander – Destiny vs Choice


Harry Potter is the main character in the series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. RowlingNewt Scamander is the main character in the Fantastic Beasts , a series of movie scripts, written by the same author.

The plot of the Harry Potter series takes place in  1990s Great Britain. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone introduces Harry as an orphan who finds out he is a wizard. The plot of the Fantastic Beasts series takes place about 65 years prior to the events of the Harry Potter books. Newt Scamander is a wizard who works as a magizoologist.

Hogwarts School

Hogwarts School
Hogwarts School

The School has four Houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw  and Slytherin.

The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat decides in which house the students should be assigned.  So, Harry will be assigned to Gryffindor and  Newt to Hufflepuff. Gryffindor house is for “the bravest”. Hufflepuff house is for “hard workers”.

The main theme of the two series: the struggle between good and evil

Harry and Newt fight the dreaded wizards, Lord Voldemort and respectively Grindelwald. Voldemort and Grindelwald represent the dark forces, are greedy for power and want immortality. Voldemort divided his soul into several Horcruxes.

Destiny vs Choice

There is a close connection between Harry and Lord Voldemort. When Harry was one year old, Voldemort tried to kill him. As a result, the Dark Lord lost some of his powers to Harry Potter, who became the 8th Horcrux. Dumbledore helps Harry to understand his destiny.  “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” So, Dumbledore tells him that he must not let himself be dominated by destiny.

Also, Newt is free to choose his path in life. He chooses to face Grindelwald and in this way to help Dumbledore and protect his friends. The two series end with the victory of the forces of good over the forces of evil. The actions of the two heroes, Harry Potter and Newt Scamander, inspire people to make the right choices in their life.


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