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Teenagers, or teens, are the people who fall within the ages of 13 to 19 years old. People often associate the word “teenager” with adolescence.

Many people believe that this is the best part of their lives, full of fun, new experiences, which is true! Teenagers learn and go through a lot of things that shape them into responsible, self-sufficient adults.

Everyone thinks that being a teenager is easy and stress-free. But it turns out that it’s not really the case! Being a teenager has its ups and downs and, if you want to read and to understand what it’s like to be a teenager, feel free to read the articles that make this category!

Internet friends vs. Real-life friends: which ones are better? 

Your experience in finding friends to talk to on the internet can be fun! Here's why online friends are as important as real life friends.

Understanding Gen Z language. The basics-I

While other generations use slang from time to time to spice things up, the Gen Z seem to have adopted it as their first language.

Reality and what feels real or how to stay anchored in...

Are you far from knowing about reality and what feels real nowadays? Maybe you need to focus and breathe a little bit from time to time!

Outdated Myths About Teenagers You Need to Stop Believing

If you are young, here are some myths about teenagers you need to stop believing in order to live your teenage years to the max!

Christmas gifts for FRIENDS lovers

Watching Friends on Christmas with your loved ones must be the most christmassy thing you could do during this wonderful time of the year!

The toxicity of cancel culture

Why did cancel culture became so toxic? And how far can it go from here? What are going to be the final consequences for our actions?

Here is why TikTok is not just a kids app, anymore

this is for the ones that think they are too mature or old for tiktok. here are a few reasons why this app is so much more than you think!

If I were my mother I’d tell me…to wait. Now, I’m...

My mother always knows better, I should have wait and now look at me: grown up and scared! Mom, can you pick me up? Life is crazy!

10 things I learned before turning 20

Soon there will be the ending of 2020 and I will be turning 20. It's an age where you leave your teenage years behind and start working on your own life.

Forgive yourself for giving your heart to the wrong one

You'll find yourself only after you forgive yourself because you gave your heart to the wrong one. Be gentle with you, love yourself!

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Amae: 6 types of the Japanese concept of need and love

Amae is a concept found only in Japanese society and its meaning varies from one stage of life to another stage. In this article, I have explained this concept and its forms throughout many stages of life.

The Uncanny Valley, a fascinating psychological phenomenon

The uncanny valley is a psychological phenomenon, manifested as dread and fear when we face an entity appearing almost human, such as robots.

Here are 3 tips on how to find best reason to dream and live

Have you ever been worried that you cannot find your reason to live and dream? If you did so, you are not alone! Let me explain why!

The people you surround yourself with, define the next 5 years of your life

“Stay among people for 40 days and you will either become one of them or vanish”. You will inevitability become like the people you are surrounded with. By choosing them carefully you also chose how your future will look like.

Comfort zone may kill your free spirit: 5 ways to get out of it

Staying in your comfort zone does not mean being in comfort, but risking to lose the chance to discover your true self! You are a wildflower, and the middy water that grew you might kill you! Look for a fresh puddle and don't be afraid of its size!