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Sport is a physical activity which can also involve competition. At the same time, it can influence the lifestyle, health of the individual, or even his personality. Sports can have two broad categories: individual (eg table tennis, weightlifting, swimming) or team (eg handball, rowing).

Here, we try to capture the sporting events that take place in the world. Not only that, but we discuss the sports that we like and the passions that we have.

Although we are young people who spend a large part of our lives in the online environment, we support all sports and we also practice them with great pleasure.

What happened to “Tokyo 2020”? – Global pandemic situation

Curious about what happened in Tokyo this year? Check this out!

No more puzzlement, we know when Formula 1 will begin!

If so far there were only speculations about the start of Formula 1, well, it is now official! The season starts on July 5th, with the Austrian Grand Prize.

Michael Robinson, former Liverpool star, dies at 61! How was his...

RIP Michael Robinson! You'll never walk alone!

Howard Finkel, Legendary WWE ring announcer, dies at 69

Howard Finkel, a long-time wrestling ring announcer and WWE Hall of Famer, has died, the organization announced on its website.

Wimbledon has been cancelled because of Coronavirus for the second time...

The tournament was due to be played between 29 June and 12 July. But it was canceled because of coronavirus. Until 13 at least...

Remembering Kobe Bryant: Vanessa’s speach was heartbreaking

Update: Recently, Kobe Bryant's fans gathered to honor his legacy. They were welcomed in the arena by the one and only, Beyonce. She even...

Is Aaron Gordon the true winner of Dunk Contest?

Aaron Gordon decided to retire from Dunk Contest after he lost to Derrick Jones Jr.  Everyone expected him to be the winner, but to our...

Senzational twist! Sofia Kenin beat Ashleigh Barty and plays the final...

Sofia Kenin defeated Ashleigh Barty, the No. 1 WTA (7-6 (6), 7-5) and the main favorite to win the big trophy, in the first...

Australian Open 2020: Simona Halep lost with Gabriela Murguza

Simona Halep lost the match with Gabriela Murguza! Even since the moment when the semi-finals were made public, it has been known that these...

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until...

You may have asked yourselves plenty of times, why are we so afraid to confront the truth? Why do we all seem incapable of...

Writing challenge and 4 simple ways to plan your writing year

Everybody loves a challenge! Have you ever tried a writing challenge that makes you plan your entire year ahead?

Intuition – Can you rely on it?

Can we rely on our intuition, or should we analyze everything rationally when we have to make a decision? What system of thinking is the best?

How I Met Your Mother – An Amazing TV Show Review

How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite TV shows. I laughed, I learned, I cried, and it made me happy in moments I thought my smile was long gone. I hope it will make you feel the same and that you'll learn to appreciate life, just like I do now because of it.

Bird-Feeding: 5 Amazing Products From Amazon For Bird-Feeding Month

In the wintertime, birds have a hard time. Next time you go out, consider feeding them. Here you have a list of products perfect for a bird.