Smartphone addiction: how bad it can affect a person

Smartphone addiction: how bad it can affect a person
Nowadays, almost any kind of person has a phone. It’s impossible to find someone who hasn’t this kind of device. Now you will see everywhere, people with a smartphone in their hand, whether they’re watching social media or playing a game.

But why do we have this kind of addiction? Well, I don’t know other people’s reasons, but I can’t say my reasons for this unhealthy obsession.

Smartphone addiction: how bad it can affect a person

As I said, people use their smartphones almost everywhere, including places like buses, subways, parks, restaurants, fast-foods, the list is endless. And I have to admit, I use my phone outside as well, but for three reasons.

One of them, the most important one for me, is to listen to music. I can’t go out without my headphones and my phone, I get bored easily. I know, going out while listening to music on headphones is dangerous, but my obsession with music is almost the same as my phone addiction.

The second reason is a bit useful, but unfortunately is still a bad thing that can lead to this kind of obsession. I also use my phone to know where I have to go, in different places, with a navigator, which is usually Google Maps.

As I said, it is indeed helpful, when you don’t know that place and where you need to go. However, this benefit can turn into a drawback. Personally, I think I will get lost in a big city if I don’t have my phone with me. Therefore, it’s better to use a navigator app, but also try to learn the place, in order to stop this obsession with using the smartphone.

And the last reason, which I personally hate the most (but without it, I feel anxious), is the fact that when I use my phone, I don’t have this feeling of being watched by other people.

I know, it is an embarrassing reason, but I feel like there are some people who have the same reason as mine. When you have to wait to get off the bus, and you don’t know where to look, being afraid to make eye contact with someone. Maybe shy and introverted people will understand me. And this habit of looking at my phone can be the only way to relax when I’m outside, even though is bad because it will make me more addicted to the phone.

Okay, we can admit that going out and using your phone everywhere you go is not good and can be really dangerous. But what about children? Now you see kids who have expensive smartphones and use them almost every day. It’s sad to see them stick to these evil devices, instead of playing outside together and making friends.

Now, these children can’t do many things without watching a YouTube video or playing a game. I remember when I was at a restaurant, I saw how a mother was feeding his child, just because he was playing a game and I am sure he was able to eat by himself, but he was too focused on the phone and didn’t care about food at all.

When I was young, I was always making competitions with my brother and my cousins, like who finished their plate first. Now I don’t see this kind of fun when it comes to children that have a phone addiction, and that makes me feel sorry for them.

Also, they can have bad eyesight at a very young age, just because they stay 24/7 on their smartphones. They don’t have this experience of understanding what is bad and what is good for them, therefore, they only know that smartphones make them happy and will continue to use them without stopping.

All in all, smartphones were made to help us have an easier life, but unfortunately, these devices become an obsession for most of us, and this addiction is harmful to everyone, our social life and our mental health.


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