3 Ways my mother influenced me and turned me into the calm person I am today

3 Ways my mother influenced me and turned me into the calm person I am today
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Growing up, our mothers and fathers influence us on various levels, both positive and negative, and they are a major part of our development, being they present or not. For me, my mother was the one that had a significant effect on my process of growing up, and fortunately, it was a positive one.

My mother was and will always be the one that helps me throughout every issue I have, the one that provides me comfort and peace, the one that can give me advice whenever I want. Throughout my childhood, I had always thought that she has some kind of superpower because she could anticipate every need I had and she could know when I was in whatever type of trouble.

She is one of the calmest, kindest, and strongest people I know and I will forever be grateful for having someone like her in my life, not only as my mother but also as my friend. There are various types of advice that she gave me throughout my childhood and youth, but there are 3 things that I will keep with me every step of my life.

  1. I learned a gentle way to raise a child from my mother

For me, being a mother is the greatest job someone can have. Raising my children and seeing them learn by my side is one of my dreams. But all of this passion I have for motherhood has developed because of the way my mother raise me and my sisters.

As I am the oldest daughter, I have always felt like I should also try and help my sister through their development, just like my mother did. And growing up like this, always by her side, I have seen such a gentle and calm way to raise a child.

She gave us enough freedom to discover whatever we wanted, but not too much so we would not get hurt. She was always asking for our opinions but made sure that she set a good example so we could know which the proper way is to behave. She did not force anything on us, but she made herself clear when something was not proper according to her way of thinking.

It is obvious that there were moments when we had disputes, but they were never that bad that our relationship would change. She is still the woman I am always going to admire the most and I honestly hope that I can be to my children what she is to me.

  1. I learned that mothers and daughters can be best friends

I think that everyone was asked in their life at least once who their best friend is. Well, I was also asked this question, and once the question came from my mother. She said that I am her best friend because she can talk to me whenever she has a problem and we are just on the same page.

This was the moment when I started to realize that she is also one of my best friends. We talked about everything, be it positive or negative, we gave each other advice and comfort, we always tried to help each other. Thus, I realized that my mother was right. We were and still are best friends.

One of our favorite hobbies was to watch series together and, especially, Gilmore Girls. We enjoyed finding similar and different aspects between our mother-daughter relationship and the one that Lorelai and Rory have. We watched the finale episode a few weeks before I left for university more than two years ago and it was one of the most emotional moments we shared.

  1. I learned that there should always be a balance between the things in our life

The most important thing that I learnt from my mother is the way she always kept her life balanced. She was a hard worker and always did her best in her job, but she has never jeopardized our relationship for anything. It can just be seen that we and our family are her utmost priority.

And what I appreciate even more is the way she mirrored her balance on my lifestyle. She encouraged me in every passion I considered I had at a particular moment, she taught me that school is important and I should work hard but to be in a competition with myself day by day, she supported me at every handball game, she supported me in every school competition I have ever taken part in, but she always made sure that I had a little bit of time to relax too, no matter the way I chose to do that.


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