Being clumsy:  3 helpful hacks to save your day, part 2

Being clumsy:  3 helpful hacks to save your day, part 2

Being the clumsy one in your family or group of friends is not an easy job. If you have shaky hands,  are easily distracted by nature or just used to not paying attention to your surroundings all the time, welcome to the club. It seems like the universe always finds a way to punish us for being clumsy whether it’s about embarrassing ourselves in public or just destroying everything around us. Maybe it’s time to accept our fate and find a way to escape this hell, and while we can’t exactly stop it, I believe that with a little bit of luck and some precautions we can at least minimize the damage.

I personally discovered that I just can’t help being such a klutz. The truth is I am really awkward at times and totally uncoordinated. Not to mention graceless. I tend to break things all the time and ruin everything I touch. That’s why I’m always searching for a way to prevent everyday accidents from happening.

Here are another 3 tips you may find helpful.

1. Invest in good, strong packaging

You know hat sooner or later you’re going to drop anything you buy. Take my advise and every time you buy something fragile like makeup, or other important things you use every single day, try to make sure that they come in a solid, durable package that really seals the product. One that can take fall damage..Repeatedly. You can it either read a lot of reviews beforehand or pay attention to this aspect whenever you buy something.

2. Think twice before doing even the smallest task. Ok, maybe thrice..

Whether it’s about placing something on the table or just taking an object of a shelf or out of a cupboard try to anticipate the outcome. Maybe it will make you laugh, but actually making a mental note before you do anything of this sort really helps. Try to analyze the situation and see if you’re going to screw up. For example: ’’ if I were to carelessly take that thing on top will everything fall out?’’ or ’’If I trow my wallet on the table maybe it will hit something and cause a lot of trinkets to just fall one after the other like domino pieces until it hits something valuable. ’’

I know the struggle of being in a hurry and just wanting to grab some things and be on your way. But sometimes paying really good attention to what you are about to do will save you a lot of trouble.

3. Proof your home…from yourself.

First thing I did was to make sure there are a lot of fluffy carpets in my house, especially around the table and even in the kitchen because you never know when you’re going to drop a cup or two… And don’t forget to make sure that the furniture is miles away from the door and neatly placed so that it gives you enough space to move freely around the room without bumping into anything. Another thing I found really important it’s to try and keep things neatly and assure that everything has its place,  because being messy and keeping everything laying around  in a clutter screams accidents.

You can’t just magically stop being clumsy. But maybe you will found out that when you are one step ahead and prepared in case your clumsy nature chooses to unleash itself, everything might turn out for the better.

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