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organize time

How to become a well-organized person in 6 easy steps

The inability to organize my daily tasks within a defined timeframe has caused me anxiety and stress, a poor self-image and sleepless nights, not to mention all the significant moments and great events I have missed out on. These 6 steps helped me stay more organized:

22 years old and unexpected acne: my journey with hormonal acne and PCOS

Last year, I experienced a breakout for the first time in my life. I wasn’t able to find a reasonable explanation as to why I was developing acne at 22, moreover that I never struggled with acne as a teenager. Then, I found out I have PCOS.

Marriage: 6 reasons why it is overrated

To me, marriage is nothing more than a contract you agree on signing: a contract between you and your partner and between both of you and the state. But other than the social and legal advantages it offers you, I don't understand the hype around it. Here's why I think marriage is overrated:

Sunscreen and its benefits: 3 tips on how to use it, fail-proof products and...

Whether you are into skincare or not, however fancy or simple your skincare routine (if any at all), you HAVE TO use sunscreen! Use it every day, always and forever, and don't miss any area of your body! Here are some useful tips and info:
Collective tragedy

The tragedy of Collective: incredible reactions towards it or the 2 facets of humanity

In 2015, Romania faced the greatest tragedy after the 1989 revolution - the fire of Collective. That sad event revealed to me the 2 faces of humanity.

Learning languages: 3 amazing YouTube channels

Today, we have access to all sorts of online tools that help us improve our target languages, and many of them are free, convenient, and really effective. One such tool is YouTube, which brings together incredible language-learning channels, 3 of which I will present in this article.
small things to be happy

4 small things I do to maintain my good mood

Sometimes small things make a huge difference in our lives, but we tend to overlook them and underestimate their power. Over the past months, I have made a few changes in my daily habits and my overall mood has improved significantly.
The importance of photography

Photography: 5 highlights of its importance

Have you ever thought how dull and sad our life would be without photos? Well, this article is meant to remember you how lucky we are to have photography by highlighting 5 aspects of its importance.
electric guitar

5 most famous electric guitars of all time

Electric guitars have had a crucial importance for the music industry. In the hands of some legendary guitar players who gave them life and personality, electric guitars wrote history. Here are the 5 most famous of them.

Family: 5 reasons why it’s important in shaping a child’s personality

The family is the one to plant the first seeds of children's behaviour, way of thinking and values. In what follows, I will present 4 situations where familial influence plays a key role in shaping a child's personality.

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Another top 7 manhwas with a villainess as the protagonist (2)

There are a lot of great manhwas with a villainess as the protagonist. One list wouldn't do this topic justice so here is another...
chia seeds

Chia seeds: the surprising health benefits

Chia seeds began to become popular among healthy foods a few years ago when the big food producers chose to add these small seeds in the composition of several products - bread, yogurt, drinks.
5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

Growing an indoor garden doesn’t require anything more than enthusiasm, passion, and a little dedication.
What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

When you are in toxic relationship you can find a reason to leave behind and be happy. Nobody can hold a relationship together when they are the only one doing the work.

5 Moth species more beautiful than butterflies

Moths got an unfair reputation when compared to butterflies. There are a lot of colourful moth species that outshine most butterflies, unfortunately, they are...