A relationship is not gonna save you


A relationship is not gonna save you! Maybe your foremost priority is your career, maybe you have commitment issues or perhaps you simply want to live freely and focus on yourself, all of the above might be valid reasons why someone doesn’t want a relationship. Personally, I grew up in poverty and I’ve always known that I have to save myself and nobody is going to help me. I don’t know how long my first relationship is going to last, but I know for sure how good it feels to make your dreams come true and God damn, I love it.


A relationship is not gonna save you

When I was a kid, I used to think about how my life is going to be and honestly, I’ve never dreamt about having a relationship. My dad was the only man that appeared in my dreams. That’s a responsability that I don’t want to have. Also, joking around but I actually thought about this, I find it cringey to don’t have a penny to my name but have a dick to suck. I’m sorry that I’m so straightforward, but I always look at the bigger picture. I’m really down to earth even if I have the soul of an artist.

Also, I observed something. When I reject a guy and I tell him that I don’t want a relationship, he can’t process it. I usually let them know from the start that I don’t want a relationship and flirting with me makes no sense, but they keep doing that hoping that I’m gonna fall in love or something.

I’m too traumatized to fall in love, no way. I know that people are not as they may seem and in the talking stage, there’s this sort of marketing. It’s like people are trying to endorse themselves. Rarely, it happens to feel a connection with someone but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we got to be together. Then they realize that I’m not going to change my mind and they usually unfriend me. The good thing is that they have the emotional intelligence to don’t cross the street when they see me in real life. Congrats! What else can I say?

Some people think that I stay single because I’m ugly, some think that I’m a saint and I want to die virgin, some think that happens because my parents don’t let me and all this assumptions are funny. First things first, what’s your problem? And on the other hand, what the hell? I’m simply not afraid to walk this earth alone. I actually enjoy to live like a recluse and listen to music all day and shit like that. I swear that some people are brainwashed. It’s ok to be single and not ready to mingle.

During highschool, I simply loved what I’ve chosen because I saw a lot of girls crying because they had their heart broken and most probably, their ego too. So, I saw all of that and how guys talk badly about their exes and I was like: “Bitch, nobody is going to take my name in vain like that.”. Also, I used to cry a lot because of my frustration of living in poverty and that’s ok because that’s the moment when I made a lot of promises to myself that I still respect nowadays. The idea is that I didn’t need to cry more. I don’t need anyone to make me cry because I can do it myself.

Also, I used to be insecure and have an inferiority complex. I needed to figure out about my self-worth alone. I think letting a boy make me feel confident would have been a mistake. I grew up and I know myself really well. I know my priorities, my boundaries, what I can do, what I can’t do, my ideals and that’s pure power because you have a direction and everything you do has an actual meaning.

I observed that people start their first relationship, it ends and then they can’t stay single again. I think you’re robbing yourself of any real growth or possibility of a real and lasting relationship by burying your head in the crotch of a new relationship every time the one you’re in ends. I think you should stay single and get to know yourself.

The conclusion? It’s ok if you don’t want a relationship because no one is going to save you and a guy is not going to make you happy if deep down you’re just not ok. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk, bitch!


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