5 reasons why board games are a fun activity and why you should play them


Do you ever hang out with your friends and sometimes wonder “What should we do?” or “Why are we so bored?” .Or maybe you are just all alone in your room and think about any exciting, fascinating and fun activity that could help you get rid of boredom: play a game. Something that will even make you forget about that difficult homework you have for tomorrow or whatever responsability that just doesn’t bring any joy. How about board games?

Maybe you’ve heard about them before, I’m sure you did. But have you ever thought about their importance? Why do people play board games? Why are they important? Are they helpful or just a waste of time?

I’ll give you 5 reasons why board games are a very good choice. They are fun, captivating and a nice activity to do, no matter if you play alone or not. Who knows, maybe I’ll help you find your new hobby and I would be very glad to help you.

1. First of all, board games bring friends and families together

We can not deny the social benefit of board games. Board games are one of the reasons why people meet, hang out or even party together. Each one of us has at least one memorable night of board games, even the very first day of playing a board game. I’m telling you, those memories are precious! The excitement, the fun atmosphere and, of course, the competition. This detail makes board games special: the smooth tethering of competition and enjoyment, friendship and rivalry, the powerful temptations of victory, which in the end fade away, because, after all, it is just a game. But from the beginning to the end, you are mesmerized, curious, competitive and amused. You enter a whole different world.

Board games are a nice addition if you want to know more about people and further consolidate your friendship. Did I mention that you can also meet new people? You can even go alone in a bar that has board games and just hang out with strangers. You will always find people who share your tastes and this way, new friendships are made.

2. Board games are the perfect fuel for your competitive spirit

Do you see yourself as a non-competitive person? Maybe you should think about it again. You never know what hides within. Board games may reveal the true competitive spirit that you never knew you had. And if you already consider yourself a competitive person, then you will love them. Competition makes everything fun. At least in small doses.

If you play a board game and you do not have a thirst for victory, then you do not know what you miss. You do not have to be over-the-top competitive, just a little. For instance, think about how fun it would be to see your friends look at you in utter silence as they try to figure out why they lost and then ask: ‘’How did you win?! I was like 5 points ahead of you!’’. I’ll be honest, this bewilderment is the cherry on top. The satisfaction at the end is pure joy.

After all, competition is part of us, part of our nature. If you want to stay alive, you have to be competitive. That is how the jungle works and this is the reason why I suggest not taking any game too serious. Sometimes things may get way too far, so watch out! Remember, it is just a game…but let’s just add a little bit of taste to it. Never forget that it should be fun, an activity that makes you play with friends for hours.

3. Board games stimulate your brain functions and also enhance your abilities

There are many different types of board games and each one requires a particular ability or skill. Some of them involve logical thinking, each of your moves having to be precise. Others require creativity, spontaneity and imagination. There are even games that need you to be cunning, hide your intentions and even “backstab” your allies.

It does not really matter what type of game you play, it is all about taste. What matters is that every single one has something to keep your mind sharp. Your skills are enhanced after playing a board game. Sometimes you might even surprise yourself, because you have to adapt to the game and you may discover something new about yourself. It could be creativity. You see yourself as a strict, rational and logical person? Well, there is a possibility that you do not know what a rich imagination you have. You just didn’t have the chance to show it, but that is ok.

A very good example of a board game that requires logical thinking is chess. Chess is known to be challenging and it is a perfect example of stimulation for your “mathematical” faculties. But wait, there are board games even more complex than chess. Some may seem easy at first, but once you start playing, they turn out to be pretty difficult. This complexity is like a workout for your brain  and this way you will develop your thinking while also having fun.

Should I mention that board games are perfect for the development of children? The concentration and effort that a child puts into a game are ideal for their cognitive skills and ,at the same time, he also has fun.

4. Board games are great for stress relief

After a long and busy day, a board game is the perfect treatment. Whether you play it with your family, your friends or even alone, it will help you forget about everything. They are so fun that they will distract you from all those negative thoughts that haunt your mind, the “getaway” activity. You have too many homeworks? A project to prepare within 2 days? A very important meeting in a couple of days? Just relax and take a break. Have a little fun. A good reason to call your best friends and just go wild! Maybe your day at school or at the office was not the best, but have no worries. You can still be a winner and a board game will give you the chance to feel victorious.

5. They build self-confidence

Board games reveal your true capabilities and give you the chance to face obstacles. You have to adapt to all kinds of situations, even some that you can’t stand. This way, you will put yourself to the test: can I do it? Of course you can! With focus and patience, no game is hard.

Board games prove that there is no time for doubt. It is your or them. You are on your own here, just like out there, in the jungle. Once you enter in the world of the game and understand it’s mechanics, everything will come naturally. You will go with the flow and think about only one think: I am going to win! And again, you can surprise yourself: if you doubt any particular skill that you have or maybe you even think that you don’t have it, don’t worry, board games will prove you wrong.


Board games have anything you want: fun, challenges, social interaction, the perfect activity to distract you from everyday life and to play with others. No matter what you want from them, you can have it. You will keep your mind on the edge while having a good time. If you find yourself with literally nothing else to do, maybe you should consider playing a board game, a good reason to meet with your friends or family anytime, everytime.


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