The importance of finding your tribe

find your tribe

Most people feel isolated at some point in their lives. Its negative effects can be avoided by finding your tribe. We were born to socialize and connecting with each other has never been easier!

Man as a social being

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needsbelongingness is the main social need of the human being. In other words, every person has to be validated and accepted as who they are by their peers to maintain a high level of psychological well-being.

During the pandemic, some of us had been stuck inside with relatives or roommates whom we didn’t like. Maybe we always had a difficult relationship, we drifted apart at some point, or we never had anything in common except our last name. Trying to manage an unprecedented situation is difficult as it is without having to share your space with somebody you can’t have an open conversation with.

Some people can feel cut off from an important part of their life because of the distancing measures. Fortunately, you can fulfill the need for social contact without a great deal of effort. All you have to do is find your tribe.

What is a tribe?

Derived from the classical definition, a tribe is a community that shares the same hobbies, beliefs, and is supportive of its members. Usually, they live all around the world but often become closer via common experiences, inside jokes, and honest confessions. It’s amazing how comfortable people feel sharing embarrassing stories with strangers from another country. Often times, this evolves into a strong friendship over the years. If you want to read more about the joys of having internet friends, this is the article for you!

But how can this happen?

That’s where social media steps in. There is a Facebook Group or a Discord server for almost every area of interest you can think of: crafts, yoga, music, cooking, reading clubs, digital editing, and of course, aliens. 

While every community has its rules, it also provides a haven for exploring its members’  skills. Sharing your hardships with others can also help you cope better with unfortunate events. 

As an amateur writer, I decided to join a few groups where published authors give feedback and discuss various subjects concerning the writing process. Due to my interest in storytelling, I met one of my best friends. I also became acquainted with other gifted persons, so I can proudly say that I have found my tribe.

In a world full of uncertainties, it’s important to remember that we are not alone. We deserve the support, guidance, and love of others. Moreover, we can use our own experience to help those in need. For that, we have to be willing to put ourselves out in the open so that people can find us as well. 



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