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In love with fiction books and romance novels. Addicted to the windy, rainy weather. I enjoy night rides with good music. Perfectionist Virgo. In the mood of keep developing myself. Still learning to love the parts of myself that no one claps for :) That being said, be you, love you, all ways, always.
castor oil

Castor oil : 6 amazing benefits

Castor oil is a yellowish, viscous liquid that is extracted from castor seeds. Its miraculous effects on the human body were discovered and used successfully centuries ago.

Waxing: 5 interesting facts about it

Waxing is without a doubt one of the most commonly used, but also the most effective methods by which you can get rid of unwanted hair all over your body.

Eyelash extensions: 3 advantages and disadvantages

Eyelash extensions have recently become the favorite trick of ladies to get a sensual and charming look.

Lupus: interesting facts about this disease

Lupus allows an almost normal life for those who have this autoimmune disease, due to medication and associated therapies, although it is a condition that cannot be cured.

6 ways to get into the Christmas spirit

As time goes on, pressures from work, loneliness, family pressures, or other things can cause us to lose the wonderful spirit of Christmas. Thus, we have prepared 6 tips that you can use to bring the magic of old times back.

5 Christmas Legends you should know about

Santa Claus is the most beloved character during the winter holidays. However, few people know the legends of Christmas.

Christmas Cookies: 3 delicious recipes to bake this holiday

Christmas cookies are the most delicious desert for holidays. They are not hard to make and they taste really amazing. You can decorate them however you want and you can also offer them as a Christmas present. Here are 3 delicious recipes to try this Christmas!

Labrador Retriever: 5 reasons to choose this cute breed

Labrador Retriever dogs are friendly, affectionate, energetic animals. They are the perfect pets for families with children and for the people who can allocate time to them.

Moon phases: the extraordinary facts about them

The moon is at the smallest distance from the Earth, unlike the other celestial bodies. From ancient times, the Moon has been a real mystery, being revered by most peoples through rituals of thanksgiving for protection and protection from the unknown forces of evil.

Bruxism: useful information about this condition

Bruxism is represented by the rubbing of the teeth and affects a large part of the population. Studies show that the appearance of bruxism has a close connection with the stressful lifestyle and manifests itself in moments of relaxation, the most common being the night.

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