The Most Haunted Places in Romania (Part 1)


Halloween is only a month away. So, why not ditch the overrated horror movies? How about you discover some paranormal spots that you can find in real life? Dracula’s Castle is not the only one we’re famous for. Here is a list of some of the most famous haunted places in Romania:

Hoia-Baciu Forest in Cluj-Napoca

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This place was included in international lists of the most haunted destinations. Its paranormal energy dates back to an old story of a shepherd who led his sheep deep into the woods, but never returned. Also, the 1960s brought to light the first UFO sightings in the heart of this very forest. Throughout the years, tourists have spotted shadows and light silhouettes here as well. However, one of the most fascinating stories is related to the existence of an energetic field. Investigators believe that it acts like a portal through which spirits can travel freely, from another dimension to any place on Earth and back. Visitors can confirm the feeling of being followed, and the technological difficulties they encountered when trying to contact others.

Iulia Hasdeu Castle in Campina

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Built in memory of Romanian writer Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu’s deceased daughter, Iulia, locals know the castle as a “temple of spiritism”. After Iulia’s death from tuberculosis at 18, her father kept a journal from 1890 to 1903. It counted over 100 records of his spiritism sessions. Their discussions included Iulia speaking about the house, helping her father out with various problems and counting tales of her previous lives. Neighbors stated that they could hear the girl playing the piano at night, while her father encouraged her. Others say that they saw Hasdeu at the balcony, howling like a wolf and calling out her lost daughter: Viens, ma fille, (je) t’attends!” (Come, my daughter, I’m waiting for you!)

Trivale Forest in Pitesti

source : Jurnalul de Arges

Locals tell the story of a young woman in love with a poor man who worked for her father. On the day of her arranged marriage with a wealthier man, she ran away with her lover. Unfortunately, her father caught them and made the young woman witness the poor man’s murder, then decapitated her. He later died because of the nightmares he had of his daughter dressed as a bride, and now she haunts an abandoned house in this forest, possibly the ruins of their old mansion.

Taxi drivers from the city also recount the story of a bride in the area. One of them drove a bride to this forest and instead of paying with money, the bride left the driver her wedding ring. He instantly fell into a deep slumber and eventually woke up in his car, in front of an apartment complex in the Trivale neighborhood. This is where, 10 years before, a bride left her home to commit suicide after her husband had died the very day of their wedding. Upon returning to his car, the taxi driver found a decaying finger with the same wedding ring on.

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