5 reasons you should buy an eBook Reader

eBook reader

Most people prefer holding a book in their hands to get the whole experience. Also, the sight of shelves full of books is quite satisfying. However, there are several reasons why someone would favor reading digitally and buy an eBook Reader.

  1. More accessibility

If you live in Romania, for instance, you may know that some printed books aren’t that accessible, especially the ones in foreign languages. If you find them at a local retailer, they might be way over your budget. Shipping is another problem. You may find many popular books on Book Depository, where the shipping is free.

However, if your favorite author is fairly unknown, it’s harder to buy their books in print. Why? Because many authors, especially the ones from the US and UK, use Amazon or their local publishers to sell their books. If you are lucky enough to get international shipping, the fees may exceed the price of the book. And you get no guarantee that the product will arrive at your place in perfect condition. Overall, it’s not that advantageous. Right now, most authors, big or small, offer you the possibility to buy the ebook version. No more extra fees and it may be cheaper than the printed version.

  1. More features

There are many useful features on an eBook Reader. For example, I can adjust the brightness of the screen on my Kindle Paperwhite. Pretty cool, right? If you want your eReader to resemble a printed book, you may turn the brightness to the lowest level. Or maybe you want to read at night, before bed, and you don’t want to keep your lights on. While it could be harmful to your eyes, the light of an eReader is not as harsh as the one of a smartphone or a tablet.

Another cool feature is that you can take notes and highlight quotes while you’re reading. Not only that but if you need to look through them later, you can easily send them to your PC or another device. I find this feature really advantageous for writing reviews, for example. I hate noting stuff on or damaging books in any shape or form. It’s easier to send your annotations to your smartphone because you are carrying it with you everywhere. You don’t know when you have some free time to look over them. Or when a new idea hits you.

  1. An eBook Reader grants you more space

Many bookworms prefer to show off their shelves full of books. However, you may find yourself in the impossibility to buy them anymore because you don’t have space. Obviously, with an eBook Reader, you have a full library inside one device. And if you read a book and liked it a lot, you always have the option to buy the printed version.

  1. More flexibility

I travel a lot between my residence city and my hometown, so light luggage is necessary for me. An eReader is smaller and lighter than many books. Moreover, I am the type of person that reads whatever I’m in the mood for. With an eBook Reader, I have multiple options to choose from, not only that one book I’ve brought with me for that trip.

  1. More free stuff

To promote themselves, writers sometimes give discounts or even free books. And there are certain subscriptions which send you the best offers over e-mail. One example is Freebooksy. Also, Amazon has a special service, Kindle Unlimited, which gives you access to over 1 million titles for only $9.99. If you are someone who reads many books, this might interest you, so be sure to check it out.

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