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The story, mystery, connection, and adrenaline! These are some of the feelings you have left after you get to explore the beauty of a place and get to know this lively county. Only 2 days are not enough to find out all the charm of this county. However, they are only sufficient to ignite your desire to return here.

Although it represents an area with huge tourist potential, the leaders of this territory did not pay interest in this aspect. Unfortunately, this is quite common throughout our beloved country. Leaving aside these aspects with which we are accustomed, we must not forget to discover, respect, and love all these riches that we have.

As the famous inventor of the polio vaccine, Jonas Salk, said, ” Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors”.

These being said, if you wish for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, these are the most interesting, interactive, and special places you must visit in Hunedoara:

1. Corvin Castle


Corvin Castle is known as Hunyadi Castle and it is the largest medieval castle in Transylvania. It is also one extraordinary place to explore in the county. Many call it “one of the seven wonders of Romania”. Moreover, legends say that Vlad Tepes, the real embodiment of the character of Dracula, was a prisoner in this castle.

Interiorul capelei – Castelul Corvinilor
The interior of the chapel

The tale of the castle begins in 1409. Voicu, a nobleman, along with his brothers, received an estate from the king of Hungary, Sigismund de Luxemburg. The estate also included the royal castle. The son of Voicu, Ioan de Hunedoara, “transformed” the castle that much that at that time it was comparable to the other castles of central and western Europe.

Also, due to the large space of the castle, many cinematographic, artistic, documentary, and video productions have been made in today’s times. According to the official website of the castle, movies such as “François Villon”, “Vlad Tepes”, “Mihai Viteazul”, “Jacqou le Croquat”, were made there. This castle is a good place to visit if you want to immerse yourself in the secrets of history.

2. Sarmizegetusa Regia


“The second Dacian capital”, Sarmizegetusa Regia, is the biggest settlement history ever knew in Dacia at that time. It is also part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. In the middle of the 1st century BC, King Decebalus has built this fortress, sacred area, and civil settlement. Dacian people had reached a higher degree of development. and they managed to do it with paved roads, glass processing workshops, ironworks, aqueducts, good economic and military systematization.

Periplu în Capitala Daciei - Sarmizegetusa Regia - #DescoperăRomânia - Iliuța Pogar

Today, some of the tourists say that there are certain forces among the ruins of Sarmizegetusa Regia that help to rediscover the vitality.

3. Straja Ski Resort

The splendor of the mountain is fascinating. If you want to explore winter sports and mulled wine, the Straja resort is the best place in the county. Located in Vulcan Mountains right near the town of Lupeni, Straja offers great ski runs and a great view. The altitude of the resort is about 1400 m, however, you can find their accommodation and many places to eat. The ski area has recently been expanded.

Ski Straja - Informatii Romania

Straja Mountain, the highest altitude of the slopes, reaches 1868 m. In terms of wiring, the resort has undergone some changes. It replaced the access chair lift with a new gondola. These improvements made the access to the resort easier and a lot more comfy.

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