3 Tattoos places to hide

3 Tattoos places to hide

Tattoos have come to be considered works of art nowadays and more people are theirs adapts and want to imprint something personal or artistic on their bodies forever.

Unfortunately, many of these people cannot get a visible tattoo or a large tattoo for several reasons: because of their job that doesn’t allow them to have tattoos, because of their parents who do not agree as their child to have one, or some people who simply want something minimalist and hidden, known only to them.

That being said, I will suggest 3 places to hide your tattoos to not getting caught by anyone.

1. Behind the ear

If you are a person who always wears her hair down and does not like to catch it in a bun, tail or make different hairstyles, this area is perfect to hide your tattoo that will remain a secret for everyone.

No one will suspect that you have a tattoo in that area and especially if it is something minimalist like a moon, a sun, or a flower. It will not stand out and no one would think that a tattoo is hidden there.

However, how hidden this area seems to be and how safe it would make you feel, you have to be careful because if you are not very careful, and you miss a detail,  you can just as easily reveal the tattoo, just like it was easy for you to hide it.

If you are not careful and you put your hair behind your ear or the wind is playing through it and at that moment next to you is a person who should not know that you have a tattoo, many things can change.

So, this zone is a catchy one, be careful.

2. In the foot area

3 Tattoos places to hideIf you are a person who does not wear sandals in the summertime and is always wearing sneakers, even wearing non-stop socks in the house, this area is very very good for hiding a tattoo.

You can opt for a fine tattoo on the foot area and even a large one for those who feel very creative.

You can make minimalist tattoos in the heel area, near the toes, on the sole or any area of ​​the foot, or you can choose a significantly larger tattoo that covers the entire foot, for example, a significant word, or an animal, or a big flower etc.

Also, this can easily become a dangerous area if you are not careful.

The easier it seems to hide a tattoo here, the easier it can be for you; for example: when you take a bath and forget to cover as soon as the tattoo comes out, if you go to the sea/pool you can’t cover the area and it will be seen. If you have to go to an event and you need a more elegant outfit to which you have to add a heeled sandal or a shoe that can’t cover your tattoo well, everything will come out.

So, you have to think extremely well and you need to be careful if you choose to make a tattoo in the foot area.

3. Thigh area

In this area, no one can notice your minimalist tattoo. In my opinion, of all the areas mentioned above, this would be the safest place to hide a tattoo.

Of course, at some point, only your loved one can see it, but for the rest of the world, it is very well hidden.

If you go to the beach you don’t have to worry about it being visible because it is covered by your swimsuit, and in other situations that could be considered risky, there is no potential danger in someone seeing your tattoo.

So, that being said, I hope you will choose a tattoo that suits your desires and will remain hidden until you consider it.



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