Painless piercings areas

Painless piercings areas

At one point, most of us seriously thought about whether to get a piercing or not, right? Instead, some of us have very strong doubts about this because of the oppressive thoughts that we have before taking such a decision.

The most common concern that prevents most of us from taking such a step is the pain felt at the time of the act. Which, for some, is a huge fear. So, today I will come to the rescue with some piercing places where the pain felt is very small, or even does not exist.

Many parts of our body do not feel pain at all and to our happiness, there are perfect areas to get one.

Not everyone is aware of these painless areas. Of course, no one can guarantee their 100% lack of pain, as the pain varies from person to person.

A person who has a very high pain tolerance may not feel pain even in areas that are proven to be very sensitive, and a person who has a very low pain tolerance may feel pain in areas that are proven to be painless. It depends on the person on this type of subject.

Pain can also vary from woman to man. Some women are more sensitive than men, and some men are more sensitive than women.

That being said, you should not be guided by anyone’s experience when it comes to pain because there are so many factors that can vary completely differently from what you will experience.

The first painless piercing area where you can choose to get one is in the ear zone.

The ear area, to the surprise of many, can offer you 14 piercing places.

Of course, more than half of them are extremely painful areas. But there are also 2 completely painless places: the lobe and the upper lobe.

We have all been familiar with the lobe area since we were babies. Of course, when we were given holes in our ears at an early age, we didn’t feel much because we were small. We can’t even remember the moment.

But as long as we have holes in the lobe area from an early age, the pain is not felt. It is proven that this area as well as the upper lobe are areas that support the pain and are not felt.

So if you want painless piercings, you can start from the ear area, and you will have nothing to lose if you try.

Another painless area when it comes to piercings is the nose zone.

Of course, here there are several types of piercings such as traditional nostril piercing, centre placement septum piercings and high nostril piercings.

Nowadays, two of them are very popular and as many people as possible tend to get pierced in these areas. Also, besides the fact that they are beautiful and suits every single person, in my opinion, they don’t even hurt.

The traditional nostril and septum piercings are the most popular and among the easiest piercings to make. There are over 80% people who have confirmed the lack of pain when you choose to achieve something like this.

Some women have even compared the pain of this type of piercing to the pain of waxing.

So, if you feel confident and want to have a piercing in a place even more visible than the ear area, you can choose this option.

In conclusion, if you want to get a piercing, go for it!

In the end, you may be surprised and even if it hurts, think that you feel the pain for a fraction of a second, how long it takes to get the hole to be ready.

Good Luck ! 


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