4 looking scary animals you wouldn’t want to meet

weird animals

There are many extremely rare animals on this planet that humans are unaware of and have never heard of, especially if they have ever seen them.

Some are gentle, some are bad, and some are extremely scary. Today I will present 3 animals that are so strange that they create a shiver down your spine and I assure you that you would not want to meet them, even if some would seem nice.

1. Blobfish

4 looking scary animals you wouldn't want to meetThis type of fish is considered one of the ugliest fish in the world and we can’t help but approve of it. This fish, in addition to being very ugly, can even be classified as scary.

Many of you need to know him from the viral pictures with him that were once on Facebook and were considered funny.

They are found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and they actually have been reported near the Mexican Pacific coast. They are not very dangerous, they feed on smaller or mollusc fish, but it is very likely that a man will bite if he approaches them.

Instead, no matter how pacifist they are, they are still very scary and if you dived into the ocean and saw them near you, I don’t think you would react very well.

2. Lobster moth caterpillar

4 looking scary animals you wouldn't want to meetThis animal looks like a creature just out of horror movies. You would have the impression that it is a failed experiment between a scorpion, a spider and a caterpillar, all 3 combined obtaining this morbid result.

They make their way through England and this species is not so friendly. Fortunately, he did not even express the feeling of peace in their appearance.

They really act like a scorpion in general, they can sting you very easily if they feel in danger or they think something is out of place, through the two needles on their head, and last but not least, when he fails to attack his victim with the help of the two needles, he can eliminate an acid to scare the enemy even more.

Hopefully, we will never have the opportunity to meet this scary animal.

3. The star-nosed mole

4 looking scary animals you wouldn't want to meetAnother extremely dubious creature that seems to have emerged from the latest horror film released on the market.

Also, this animal can be known from the viral pictures that circulated at one point on Facebook, but you certainly did not believe them. Unfortunately, this animal exists and is very scary.

This creature, in my opinion, is similar to the woman from the movie “ The ring “, who comes out of the TV. For me, it is the same vibe transmitted by the star-nosed mole.

This is a small mole found in moist, low areas in the northern parts of North America. The mole eats small invertebrates such as aquatic insects, worms, and molluscs, as well as small fish.

It is said that this creature is actually blind and that is why it has so many tentacles because it helps it to feel everything around it.

As awful as it is, it can be so fascinating.

4. Aye-aye

4 looking scary animals you wouldn't want to meetThis animal can be considered scary but also funny. Indeed, his body and face are very ugly and if you caught him at night, you would be a little scared of him, but his face can also be taken as a joke. Especially with its strange and funny name, it could easily fall into the category of funny animals in terms of appearance.

It is a long-fingered lemur, located in Madagascar with rodent-like teeth that perpetually grow and a special thin middle finger.

We can say that it looks a bit like a rat. It feeds on fruits, seeds, nectar and fungi, but also insect larvae and honey. It doesn’t seem dangerous to us humans, but I personally wouldn’t want to be around him.

I hope that I aroused your interest to continue looking for animals in this small category presented by me.



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