Rare animals – 5 beautiful exemplars

5 beautiful rare animals
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We obviously know the common animals that we heard and see every day, but do we know all the animals on this planet? Of course, some of them are not even known to a scientist, but there are some rare animals that exist and we don’t even know we have them.

1. The angel shark

Rare animals - 5 beautiful exemplarsThis is a species of shark that looks less terrifying and kinda cute, of course, he’s also called an angel, but I don’t think he’s that pacifist.

This rare animal can be found only in the Canary Islands and the southern Mediterranean. He is a night shark because he likes to hide in the sand and wait for a good time to attack. The angel shark is suspected to eat only fish, shellfish and molluscs.

So, if you want to swim in the Canary Islands or Southern Mediterranean, be careful to your feet because somewhere in the sand it could be an angel shark that is hiding.

2. Poecilotheria Metallica

Rare animals - 5 beautiful exemplarsThis is a very rare animal, a species of the spider Tarantula. It gives me chills only by looking at this photo, but I can’t help myself thinking that it has a wonderful and unique design color on the back.

This tarantula can be found only in Southeastern India and Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, or for our own good – for those who can’t stand the spiders -, this species is endangered because of the degradation of the natural habitat, fires and invasive plants.

This Tarantula species is about 500 grams in weight and is very common in the aquatic environment because it is much easier for it to capture the food immediately. The tarantula stays in this area because through its blue color, it can hide more easily in the water or near, so as not to be detected.

3. Giant Otter

Rare animals - 5 beautiful exemplarsWe have all heard of otters and we love them, they are cute little animals that some of us are keeping in our home. But did you know that there are some giant otters?

These rare animals exist only in South America, and they are 6 feet long. They are known to be nice and gentle, but unfortunately, people haunt them for their fur, which is a bonus for them because of their length.

Thus, this species is also endangered, but hopefully, people will stop haunting these cute animals.

4. Red-lipped batfish

Rare animals - 5 beautiful exemplarsThis is a very funny fish that will make you laugh very loud if you will see it sometime in this life.

This fish looks like it wants to participate in a make-up contest, due to its red lips. Unfortunately, his red lipstick isn’t applied correctly so it may be disqualified.

The fish was found around the Galapagos Islands and Peru, and actually, the red-lipped batfish aren’t good swimmers: they use their pectoral to walk on the ocean floor. The batfish feeds only with small fishes and sometimes with crabs.

If you will have the opportunity to see it, make sure to take a photo of it and register it in a make-up contest, maybe the fish will have its chance.

5. Axolotl

Rare animals - 5 beautiful exemplarsThis is one of the rarest animals I have written on this list but not foreign to the population. You may know it from social media: Facebook and Instagram when it becomes a meme due to its cute, innocent face and strange look.

This species is found only in Lake Xochimilco in Mexico City and they usually eat worms, small fishes and pellets.

Axolotl isn’t a bad fish, so if you will have the chance to see it underwater, don’t worry, it will do nothing to you, you can just admire how cute and strange is this type of fish.

Through this article, I hope you have found at least 5 rare animals out of 100 from this world and you are excited to see them sometime in your lives.


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