10 Easy Ways to Read More Books

10 Easy Ways to Read More Books

Books should be found in every person’s home. No matter if it’s a paperback, hardcover, e-book reader or an audiobook (yes, the latter IS considered reading as well as print and e-books do!), one should read books. Even in this technology era, books are still relevant and the backbone of human beings.

Nowadays, the majority of people work 9-5 jobs in offices and are always stressed or in a rush. They are stuck in this loop of routine and monotony. We do have internet and social media to get some entertainment, but we all can notice that social media can be toxic and stressful at times. So, a stress-free and healthy alternative to long-term entertainment is reading books.

For both beginners and very busy bookworms, I thought about 10 ways to not only read more books, but also make reading a relaxing and nice experience.


Create your own reading nook

Most of the bookworms enjoy being alone in one cosy room and reading in peace without anyone nagging them. Your reading nook can be in your bedroom, living room, or any room that has good lighting (preferably natural), a comfortable chair or sofa and, if you like, snacks and/or a drink beside you. In this way, reading can be perceived more as a relaxing moment than a chore.


Set a goal

I know I said that reading should be relaxing and not forced, but setting your personal goal will only make you feel more motivated to stick to your reading routine. The Goodreads reading challenge is an excellent way to track your goal, as it can tell you how you’re doing and help you stay on schedule. Make sure you set a realistic goal though; reading should relax you, not pressure you.

Suggestion: There are many fun and interesting reading challenges where you can take part in and stimulate yourself to read more, such as this one.


Join a book club

Book clubs are really fun. You get to read one book a month with your pals, you get rid of the struggle of “what book should I read next?”, you have a reading schedule that holds yourself accountable to your reading goal and last but not least, you get to socialise with people that have similar interests and passions as you do, and it’s a great way to discuss your thoughts with others and to feel more engaged in your reading. In this way, you can have a social life while you’re being an introvert (if you are one). I see this as a win-win!


Mix up the genres

Reading books is all fun and games till reading slump hits you in the face. Reading slump is basically a reader’s nightmare. You’ve been probably reading the same genre over and over again for the past few weeks. You are not enjoying reading and can’t gather yourself to read more books. The solution? Just switch the genres! There are many diverse genres, such as romance, fantasy, thriller, mystery etc. Try not to stick to your comfort zone and get to know more writing styles and types of plots and characters.


Read with your ears

Hear me out, people in the back! Audiobooks are NOT a way to cheat! Audiobooks ARE books! Audiobooks are helpful especially to those who are multitasking and are very busy. You can listen to an audiobook while doing housework, driving, exercising and so much more. More than that, it’s a great way to avoid eye fatigue when you’ve been reading a lot of print or ebooks.


Always have a book with you

Being on a car trip? Have a break at work? Waiting for the bus? A book will definitely help you in these situations. Bored? Read a book. Waiting for someone? You guessed it, read a book. Always make sure you carry a book or an e-book reader in your bag or purse. You will never get bored and you will use your free time wisely.

Tip: It’s always a good idea to own a book sleeve so your precious book/e-reader will be kept safely in your bag.


Join online bookish communities

Nowadays, many people have access to the internet. Bookworms are no exception, you can find them on Instagram, Youtube, and even Tik Tok. How does this make one read more books, you may think. I will answer that for you: first, we choose to start a book based on its cover, exactly in the same way we want to eat food that looks aesthetic and delicious. We “eat” with our eyes first.


Read with a friend

Experiencing a nice book alone is good, but experiencing it with your bestie is even better! Text or talk with them and decide which book you two are going to read. It is easy and makes reading much more fun when you share your thoughts and opinions with someone else.


Replace bad habits with reading time

Like everybody else, we tend to get lost in social media, Instagram and Tik Tok being the most time consuming, in my opinion. In this big amount of time you scroll through endless photos and videos, you can read a few pages from a good book. Do you find yourself having your eyes glued to your TV/laptop screen? Try to make a balance with some reading time, it is very beneficial for you.


… and last but most important of all…


Take breaks to avoid burnout!

Reading is all fun and games until you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Feeling burnout is not cool! Know your limits and take breaks whenever you feel like it. Remember that reading should be a leisure activity and not a chore, and your mental health always comes first!


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