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Writing challenge and 4 simple ways to plan your writing year

Everybody loves a challenge! Have you ever tried a writing challenge that makes you plan your entire year ahead?

6 books you should have read in high school which are...

Do you think the books your read define your personality? Here are the best books you can definitely read at any age! Keep on reading!

6 Fascinating Classical Books to add to your “must-read” list

You can never go wrong with a classic! Check out these fascinating classical books that will have you falling in love with literature all over again!

5 great ass-kicking books that are not romantic at all

I like romance books. But one of the best books I read are not romance, and they were simply the best.

The movies or the books: the famous “After”

If you're torn between reading the books or watching the movies, you should know some things first. Tessa and Hardin are more than you might think and "After" is much more than it looks.

Why I love ”One hundred years of solitude” and 2 other...

”One hundred years of solitude” is one of my favorite books. This and other stories made me love Latin American literature.

Books: 4 simple ways to read more this year

Are you a student or do you read for leisure? Either way, there are some easy steps to help you read more books this year. Happy reading!

Wars and books: 2015’s Sara Nović “Girl at War”

After a trip to Croatia, where Nović gathered incredible stories, she wanted more people to learn about the Croatian War of Independence.

Classic Books: What Makes a Book a “Classic”?

Have you ever wondered why is a book considered classic? Here you have the answer and some reasons why we should improve the old canon.

6 Books that Deserve to be Adapted for the Screen

I’m tired of tasteless remakes and canceled series. Here is a list of 6 books that deserve to be adapted for the screen as movies or TV series.

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Childhood in Communism: A captivating real life story

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You may have asked yourselves plenty of times, why are we so afraid to confront the truth? Why do we all seem incapable of...

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8 best inspirational movies any entrepreneur should watch

For all entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road (or not), looking for a cinematic inspiration, here are 8 best inspirational movies any entrepreneur should watch.

Famous Russian Authors Worth Reading: a chronological list – Part 5

These Russian authors do not refrain from addressing some of the most controversial matters while making use of unique writing styles.