Zom 100: a great manga about the apocalypse

zom 100
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Zom 100: Bucket List of the Death is one of the gems I discovered in 2021 that gave me a bit of hope regarding… well, life in general. This video from Gigguk convinced me to give it a chance, and it happens to be one of the best decisions I have made.

Zom 100: the world is ending! Hooray!

In the beginning of this story, we have Akira Tendou, an office worker. Although he started out as an enthusiastic worker in a company, he was soon faced with the reality: being in a corporation sucks the soul out of you and leaves you miserable.

So, when he woke up one day and noticed that a zombie apocalypse is going on, he only thought of one thing: “Well, no more work!”. So, with a positive outlook on life and a newfound freedom, Akira went out and planned to enjoy his life now that the possibility of becoming a zombie is a day-to-day occurrence.

Pals in a time of need

Of course, Akira couldn’t complete his bucket list without having some good friends to help him. He finally reconnected with Kencho, an old colleague from college. In their travels to fulfill these wishes, they met Shizuka, a cool-headed business woman who wanted to become a doctor, and Beatrix, a Japanophile that happened to visit Japan in the midst of an apocalypse.

What I love most about the cast of Zom 100 is that these people wouldn’t normally interact in their universe. However, due to their circumstances, they discover that they can help each other survive this apocalypse, while helping each other to grow as people. There is this feeling of feeling kinship with people you wouldn’t even meet otherwise.

Laugh in the face of the apocalypse

A big draw of Zom 100 is that it is incredibly hilarious. It made me laugh out loud a couple of times. The concept itself is hilarious, but overall, the humor is top tier.

One reason why the humor of Zom 100 is good is because it is often times contrasted by the serious aspect of a situation. For example, when Akira realizes the world is ending because zombies are invading the world, he is genuinely ecstatic that he doesn’t have to go to work anymore. And even though it is a funny reaction, as the manga goes on, the reader discovers just how painful and miserable Akira’s life has been while working at a company that treated him badly. Thus, the joke only serves to highlight an issue regarding the life and mental state of people who work in the 21st century.

All in all, Zom 100 is an amazing read, and even a very important one, especially now, while we’re still in a pandemic. It is a reminder that, if we can, we should try to live our life to the fullest extent and take every opportunity. And although the message can seem a bit cliché and overdone, I couldn’t help but feel inspired and alive while I was reading this manga. I hope you do too, especially if you need a boost. If you want to read more about manga, we have more articles on that!


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