3 former YouTubers who are now celebrities

The path to success isn’t easy. In order to get to the top, you have to start from zero. There are cases when people are born into famous families and their success is already guaranteed. But these former YouTubers who are now celebrities prove that hard work can bring out amazing results:

5 Seconds of Summer

The first entry on my list of YouTubers who are now celebrities is 5 Seconds of Summer. They are an Australian band that rose to fame after being discovered by one of One Direction’s members, Louis Tomlinson. It is said that they weren’t perceived well in their hometown, Sydney. The kind of music they played wasn’t very common there.
The 5SOS guys used to post covers of popular songs on YouTube.
Later on, they gained attention thanks to Louis Tomlinson. The former 1D member tweeted about one of their covers back in 2012, which led to a huge fan following and support from directioners. A year later after that tweet, 5 Seconds of Summer were invited to be the opening act for One Direction’s tour.
They got signed to Modest! Management, the London based label that One Direction was part of as well. From that moment on, the four guys gained many fans and put out several songs that turned into hits.
YouTubers who are now celebrities

Shawn Mendes

I must confess that I witnessed Shawn’s path to stardom. I discovered his channel back in 2012 when I clicked on his cover of Adele’s song called “Hometown Glory”. But the cover that caught everyone’s attention was Justin Bieber’s “As long as you love me” which he posted on Vine, not on YouTube, in 2013. He already had a massive social following on Vine. All he needed in order to get into the music industry was a record deal.
And that’s what he received a few months after going viral on Vine. The president of Island Records offered him a record deal in 2014 after stumbling upon one of Shawn’s covers on YouTube. Later on, he’s had No.1 hits and collaborated with famous singers like Camila Cabello and Justin Bieber.
YouTubers who are now celebrities

Troye Sivan

Another ex-YouTuber that I was (and still am!) a big fan of is Troye Sivan. He used to post funny and relatable videos that made him gain over 500k+ views every time and almost one million subscribers.
But his rise to fame began when he posted his “coming out” video in 2013. Apart from his YouTube career, Troye has also been passionate about music for a long time. In 2014, the singer received worldwide attention and support after the release of “Happy Little Pill”.
He has also collaborated with artists like Alessia Cara, Martin Garrix, and Ariana Grande, and he is now considered a household name.
YouTubers who are now celebrities
These former YouTubers who are now celebrities show us that their hard work, talent, and years of waiting to finally breakthrough were definitely worth it.


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