YouTube: Top 10 most viewed videos!


We all know YouTube has grown a lot over the past 10 years. Many videos have sprung up like mushrooms and being a YouTuber or influencer became something normal. There are a sea of videos on. From the most nonsensical and absurd videos such as YTP videos to cooking shows, documentaries and games walk-throughs. And with the whole pandemic messing up our lives, more and more people have found their coping mechanism: binge-watching on YouTube. So, with that being said, let’s see the most viewed videos. Some of them have really interesting stories behind them

10) Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs on a Farm

Brought to you by the channel called “Miroshka TV”, on number 10 we have an adorable kids song about colors. It’s funny how these kids and baby songs are so popular and, at the same time, kind of sad and understandable. Many parents put this type of videos on repeat so their child (or children in some cases) have something to do while the parents are busy with work. This video has over 3.8 billion views! Kind of crazy, right?

9) Bath Song

Yup, another kid song, this time from the channel “Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes”. This video is really close to the previous one, with 3.8 billion views! The crazy thing is that the song is really recent and the “youngest” on on the list, being released on May 2nd 2018!

8) Gangnam Style

Ah, memories! Do you remember how back in 2012 this song became the most viewed video ever? When I hear that it got over 1 billion views I was really surprised! Now, there are numerous videos that got over this milestone. It’s unbelievable how much changed!

7) Uptown Funk

This hit, the ice-cold Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars song! I’ve hear the intro of this video so many times it just remained printed in my brain. Let’s be honest, it is a really catchy tune, versatile and lively! Me and 4.1 billion other views can confirm that! Girls, hit your hallelujah!

6) Masha and the Bear – Recipe for Disaster

Another kiddie video? Yup, indeed sir! This one is part of a children series, more exactly the 17th episode, and it features a little girl named Masha and her daily adventures, discovering and playing with all sort of things! Can you believe it has 4.4 billion views?

5) Johny Johny Yes Papa

Johny, Johny? Yes, papa! Getting views? Indeed, papa! Kids love funny videos, and this one is a great example of children’s fun! With 5.02 billion views, this cute song is incredibly close to our next YouTube video from this list!

4) See You Again

Oh, boy. This song is absolutely beautiful. It has been played so many times by so many people it kind of became a meme as well. It’s kind of unfortunate, since the song was written in 2012 after the death of Paul Walker. It’s sad, beautiful and powerful and its place on this list is well deserved with 5.03 billion views.

3) Shape of You

The number one song from Spotify is so popular, even on this platform. It’s no wonder why Ed Sheeran’s song got 5.2 billion views! You can easily bop your head and tap your foot to the melody and the lyrics are relatable to a lot of us!

2) Despacito

DES-PA-CITO! This brain worm will never get out of our memories and mind. For me, this is just another Hispanic song with a playful instrumental and words that most of the listeners do not understand. I’m pretty confused by this one. With 7.2 billion views this song lowered in the face of our next video that became an even bigger brain worm.

1) Baby Shark Dance

Yep, you’ve read that right. Recently, as of February 2021, Baby Shark Dance became the most viewed video on this platform with over 8.2 billion views. It’s crazy! I wonder why this particular song was and is still fancied by so many kids. There is a wide variety to choose from! Welp, until we can figure that out we can baby shark do-do-do-do ourselves out!


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