Youtube channels that helped me in my self-development journey


Today I want to share some positive and qualitative content: Youtube channels that helped with my self-development journey. Self-development doesn’t happen overnight, it is actually a journey that takes time and discipline. For me, this journey also means more awareness regarding the content I watch.

The Financial Diet

This channel is on Youtube since 2015, and it first started as a personal blog by Chelsea Fagan at the end of 2014. Since then, The Financial Diet (TFD) has helped thousands of people, including myself, be more financially smart and obtain personal and professional satisfaction. Both the blog and the Youtube channel make the talk about finances refreshing and less intimidating. I am sure TFD will also inspire you to be smarter with money and life.

School Of Affluence

School Of Affluence is, first of all, an elite finishing school founded by Anna Bey. The Youtube channel focuses on attaining the best possible lifestyle, etiquette, and personal growth. Its content caused quite some controversy, but that should be no problem for those who have the ability to filter the information and take what’s best for themselves. I enjoyed the content made by Anna and was more inspired than ever to take action. I wish I discovered her channel earlier as many of the things she talks about were such a wake-up call for me.


Lavendaire now has over 1million subscribers, and that sure says a lot about it. What I love most about this channel is the positivity and hope for the best Aileen transmits. Lavendaire is about self-development and designing your dream life. You will definitely learn something and gain inspiration for your own journey by watching even a bit of its content.

There are many things we can do when we want professional and personal growth. One of the simplest steps is being selective of the content we watch so we get quality, not quantity. This is why I wanted to share with you the Youtube channels that keep me going in this self-development journey.


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