Your crush + Seen = DO SOMETHING


I’m in that period of my teenage life when I’m head over heels for someone.

If you know for whom… I’m not my crush’s type. I wrote her over and over again, but she doesn’t reply to me back. However much I try, I just can’t maintain the conversation on – not so much though. Your crush won’t reply to your texts? Let’s talk!

So what?

Well, what should be done? You can’t force someone to message you, even to like you. Anyway, someone will not solve your problems and it’s not such healthy for you to be depressed ‚cause someone didn’t reply to you back. First of all, you must be happy with yourself.

Your crush is breaking your heart?

For me, it’s half a choice. I love this person, I don’t repress my feelings for poetry. You know, poems like Heart cannot understand are not writing by themselves.

A crush is a crush and sympathy is sympathy, whatever you do.

What do you do when your crush still doesn’t write to you?

The answer is: Do something! Anything!

As I said, it’s not healthy to suffer for someone, even though we talk about a crush, a boyfriend or a husband. Everyone has their own life and, before you love someone, you must love yourself, be ok with the fact you are single.

That’s why when you don’t satisfy your desires(of any kind, not just affective ones), frustration starts increasing.

So… does it means you are so upset because the jerk doesn’t write to you? You’re getting sad and angry and this is going further, maybe an emotional addiction or even self-esteem issues.

So, what’s the key then?

Your crush hasn't replied to your texts?

Repress these feelings, desire that he’s writing you back, to have him, to be with him, in creative content.

The key is: don’t be frustrated! be an artist!

…Ok man, but what have I do concretely?

Probably this is what you are asking. And the answer is the same: don’t your crush writes to you? Do something! Anything!

Do what you know better, what you like to do, what you should be done of old, but you have postponed until the last moment. Take a Coke, a Lays bag and watch Netflix(it works in my case). Or write. Write and send it to a magazine. Or maybe write to your friends. When my heart is broken, I write like a craze. When I was involved in a break-up, I wrote nine poems in 24h. I had a crush on someone whom I was so close to being with, but nope, I wrote daily in a fortnight.

Your crush

So, do whatever you want and do not even think about him or her, whether you are not matching!

You are your own person with your own dreams, goals and obligations. Sure, it’s cool that chillout vibe and drink, everyone likes it.

But you cannot allow someone over and over to butt in what you wanna realize.

So don’t wait for a reply form crush on Facebook or Instagram anymore, go dance instead, take photos, write, do maths, study for your finals, anything. Who knows, maybe it would be liked by him or her.


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