You will never forget your first love. Why?

First love
First love

Countless words have been written about this, trying to explain why first love is never forgotten. It was discussed how to recognize it and how to live with it. It was also written about how to remember it. But I think that it can be different for each person.

First love comes when you don’t have enough experience to know how to feel it.

You won’t know how it happened or why, but you will feel that you’re not the same person you were before. Most of the time you can’t seem to understand why that single person is present in all of your thoughts. After a short time, he’ll be the only one you’ll see.

First love is like a revelation.

You feel it so deep and so intensively, you have the impression that all the things you lived before didn’t have the same intensity.

Why is love unique? Because it can’t be compared to anything else. You’ll start experiencing it in the teenage years when you feel like the world is yours.

There are people who lived all of their lives with their first love, but that is rare, because most of the time, that experience stops with deception. And if the first love makes you feel like you’re flying, the first deception is overwhelming.

Anyway, that experience has benefits because of these experiences and interactions you’ll learn. First of all, you’ll learn about who you are. You learn about people, about their limits, about matching or unmatching with the behaviors, but especially about the moments.

I learned from my first love that there are moments that are worth living with all of your being.

I remained with the idea that it doesn’t matter how much time you’ve spent with somebody, but the intensity of the moments.

Why is the first love never forgotten? Because it appears when you are not ready for it, it overwhelms you and it will make you feel that life is beautiful.

So, it is never forgotten. It doesn’t matter how many will appear in the future, or how happy you’ll be in your next relationships. Your first love will still be somewhere in your soul.

Sometimes, you’ll remember those sweet memories that make you feel again the purity of these feelings.

We crave love, that’s the truth. If you wanna read more about this subject, you might want to check this article!
Author: Andreea Cordos

Photo: Adrian Mitu



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