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As we all know from various motivational speakers, you need to learn to love yourself just the way you are and ignore society as much as you can, it has those definitory standards for anything and everything. Starting from clothing and ending with looks, our beloved society has an ace up its sleeve that will unmistakably make you feel small and insignificant in this neverending world, where everything you do or think is meaningless to those around you. 

However, you’ve probably heard the more positive and somewhat helpful version of this existential problem – “it’s the soul that matters”, coming as a response to the snarky appearance-related comments. But is it true? And if it is, how can I protect my heart from those who want to hurt it?

How can I take care of my heart?

I never understood why, for a rather long period, I would come home and start crying. I didn’t have a reason, digging myself deep into pillows and maybe I don’t understand it now either. Even so, to feel physical pain just because your heart breaks into pieces means that you didn’t take enough care of yourself like everyone says you should do. I know, it’s hard, I am also learning, but if we persist a little we’ll pull through together, what do you say? If you want to take care of your heart, you need to avoid anything that seems evil. Yeah, you heard right! Here I want to raise awareness about toxic interhuman relationships.

Avoid them, dears, at any cost! Most of the time the wrong people in our life destroy us slowly, but surely. So don’t let that happen!

Alone against the world

Yes, the ugliest feeling is that when you feel alone in a room full of people. You love, but you seem to not know what that means. If you have the right person beside you, you will get over every problem more easily! Surround yourself with nice people and make trustworthy friends on which you can count when it matters!

Don’t isolate yourself. It’s not worth it to waste precious moments of your life just because of painful moments. I admit, in theory, we’re all good but the practice is what kills us. But you will try to take my advice to heart, ok?

“I’m not telling you not to cry, because not every tear is bad!”

You’ll always have an alternative in order to feel better after a tough situation that you passed. Relieve yourself, don’t despair! I advise you to do stuff that you like because you’ll focus your attention on what makes you happy. Not those that want wholeheartedly to destroy your heart.

If you’ve ever felt alone and like no one loves you, remember that you’re loved more than you think and check this article.

Cry if you feel like crying! Wipe your tears and start life anew.

Remember that teddy bear you used to hold in your arms, when you were afraid of thunder or when your parents left you home alone for a few hours? The teddy that you ended up loving?

Well, I hope you still have it, but if not, you can use a pillow or a fluffy blanket. Squeeze it tightly in your arms while your male or female best friend is on their way to you. Watch a movie, eat how much chocolate or ice-cream you want, but don’t ever forget that during this time you need to have your teddy bear beside you. For me, it’s important. Although it may seem childish, no, I’m not ashamed to admit this. If you have a scented candle somewhere in your house and waited for a special occasion to light it, forget it. You need it now. Cover yourself nicely and create a cozy atmosphere to forget about the state you’re in. Believe me, you need to get out of it! Ok, I understand you, it’s painful. You need to discharge and can cry. But that’s enough now!

Mourning season’s over! It’s time to start anew and get over those unpleasant memories, preferably with a bulldozer or tank. Am I right that you’re feeling better already? You must! You need to learn to love yourself from time to time.

People who laugh too much are in love!

No, it’s not like that. People who laugh out of everything or in order to grab attention, more often than not, feel alone. The present is the only thing that made them laugh the last days, weeks, or even months. Talk to those people and tell them a nice thing in particular, without attracting attention. Listen to them and be near them! You don’t even know how much every one of us needs a pep talk sometimes.

Be an example! Be of help to others’ needs. If that person shares something personal from their life, keep their secrets, like you would want yours to be kept! This is how you take care of each other and of your fragile hearts!

Dear young one…

Don’t be fooled by the “good intentions” of some, because not everyone is like they seem to be. Search closely for trustworthy people and keep them close, because they’re extremely rare! Avoid what seems bad for your heart. Give up on toxic relationships and toxic people who only let off bitterness. It ain’t worth the effort, believe me!

Learn to love responsibly, only that will save you! Because what good would winning the world be to a human if they had lost their soul?

Author: Andra Dragomir

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