Yemen Girl Allegedly Shot by Houthi Sniper While Fetching Water


A young Yemen girl was allegedly targeted by a Houthi sniper. This happened when she was fetching water for her family in the Yemeni city of Taiz last Monday.

Following the incident, some horrific images have been shared on Social Media. These images have led to the widespread of anger and condemnation among people. Her name is Ruwaida Saleh. According to the pictures, the young girl is believed to be nine or ten years old. She was shot in the head while carrying a 20-liter water container.

Moreover, the pictures have shown that another child, who is her brother, was dragging her body away from the scene.

Although some people have claimed the girl has died after the shooting, and on the other side, the local journalists and news sources have reported that she has survived the attack and is currently in intensive care and is in a stable condition.

As reported, the attack took place in the Al-Rawda area of Taiz, which is the third-largest city in Yemen. Once known as the “Cultural Capital” of Yemen. Anyway, it has increasingly been referred to as the “City of Snipers” and is home to one of the longest-running battles for control Houthi forces and those fighting on behalf of the internationally recognised government in exile.

The reports of the UN officials

This shooting is somewhat similar to the incident of four-year-old Hashem Al-Azari. While playing outside his home last year in Taiz, someone also shot Hashem Al-Azari


As the United Nations Official said, air raids in Northern Yemen have killed as many as nine children, making it the third such attack with significant child deaths in the rebel-controlled region this month.

According to the UN, on July 14th, an air raid in Hajjah province has killed seven children. Some children were as young as two years old.

The following year, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states formed a coalition to fight the Houthis. During this coalition, they said it was an effort to stop Iran’s growing sway in Yemen.

The conflict has killed more than 100,000 people and created the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, with more than three million people internally displaced and two-thirds of the population relying on food aid for survival.


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