Wuthering Heights – 3 stunning reasons why you should read it during the Spring

wuthering heights
Wuthering Heights is a pretty famous book – very dark academia if I might say – therefore there are pretty few chances you haven’t heard about it. Not only the story itself is amazingly captivating and well-written, but also the aesthetics it inspired are awesome.
I don’t know how many of you feel that but I myself feel like each book fits better during a certain season. For instance, Shakespeare fits well in the Summer while inhaling the scented air and thinking about beautiful Renaissance gowns, Keats and Shelly fit better in the Autumn when one can let one’s imagination wander while embracing the nostalgic atmosphere created by Romanticism.
Well, when it comes to Wuthering Heights, I feel it is amazing to read it during the Spring. Why? I am about to give you three wholesome reasons why!

1.The gloomy atmosphere is perfect for a rainy Spring afternoon

I know some people prefer reading gloomy books when the weather outside is gloomy – and I believe I am one of those people! When the thunder is echoing and the lightning is striking, it is the perfect time to deepen yourself into Wuthering Heights. The atmosphere in the book is pretty similar to a catastrophic storm, so the weather will make you feel even more connected to the characters!
More than that, Heathcliff’s personality is pretty much like a Spring rain – effervescent and bubbling, yet after the conflict blows over, everything calms down pretty quickly!

2. It contrasts with the darkness of the book

Even if you’re not reading it during a seasonal rain, the gloomy atmosphere deeply contrasting with the green, festive aura surrounding the Spring might create a balance – especially if you’re the sensitive type that gets impressed very easily.
Anyways, the book’s depth and style might actually surprise you – although written in the 19th century, the novel is pretty much a thriller with inexplicable spiritual events. Nobody can say that Emily Bronte didn’t know her public! More than that, the book was so good that during her lifetime, people couldn’t actually believe that it was written by a woman!
But Wuthering Heights is pretty much the definition of the emo readers – of course, I don’t mean that offensively. But literally, any teenager who reads goes through a phase of simply adoring Wuthering Heights and integrating very dark-ish aesthetics into her outfits – you just can’t help, it’s too good to be real!

3. The love in Wuthering Heights reflects the idea of spring

Catherine and Heathcliff’s love story is pretty much like the spring weather – they are both so tumultuous and intense all the time, swinging their moods instantly and driving everyone, including each other, crazy.
Moreover, their youth could be comparable to the idea of spring, because when they fall in love with each other, they are teenagers, living in the same mansion and being aware of the forbidden character of their love – Heathcliff was nothing more than a gypsy’s son, adopted by Catherine’s father, thus they were siblings. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from madly loving each other – and when I say madly, I mean it, because they madden each other to the point of vowing to hunt the world after they die in order to find each other again!
Alright, so if these arguments haven’t talked you into reading Wuthering Heights, then I don’t know what might – this could actually be one of the best ghost stories ever written! So go buy that book and read it – guess what, it’s still Spring!


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